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Developing story on Drudge that leaves me wondering if my coffee has been spiked with hallucinogenic drugs.


Oh my god, what if it was the incredible Mr. Limpet? The horror!



The funniest part is that they KILLED IT AND SOLD IT! Couldn't they have thrown him in a tank and charged admission?What the fuck is gefilte selling for these days that they would filet Moshiach??

Forget Wyld Stallyns. If I ever form a band, it's going to be called Fileted Messiah.

But, NC, you missed the part where the carp went back into the tank by himself. O.K., that did seem a little creepy.

I'm going to share with you my reaction with my train of thought when I read this story initially from The Guardian.

It immediately reminded me of the spoofy fish on the plaque that talks via a digital tape-- that people were enjoying to hack the original message it came with like when they were hacking furbies.

So I thought... maybe somebody like a clever yeshiva bucher, decided to adapt that fish plaque thing to a real carp for Purim fun. Maybe the bucher was a real mensch of a geek and figured out how to plant that digital tape package (with batteries?) down a real carp's throat or even down the carp's pipe to his stomach.

Look, it's Purim... so what do you expect my reaction would be?! I can't help thinking it's a Purim prank... at least, possibly.

O.K., so let's do a little pilpul:
why a carp... / why not lamb chop?

Better yet... why not inside a knishe?

Now, a knishe would really make a good package. The Talking Knishe.

O.K., so I didn't sleep last night and I'd better not ramble on anymore.

It makes a pleasant break from war-war-war/24-7. And Michele did say she could use a break from all that sturm and drang. So, now she's got it.

Michele, how come your comments area to write in has been reduced to the size of a postage stamp with 3 or 5 pt. type? I practically need a magnifying glass to read what I'm typing here-- and I ain't getting any younger!