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for the love of peace, put your damn clothes back on!

The following link is not safe for work, anyone with eyesight, the faint of heart, people with stomach disorders, people with good taste, anyone prone to nightmares.

I think I just went blind.

Socialists are not an attractive bunch.


Oh.my.god. At least you warned me. But still.

Jesus. Next thing you know, they're gonna start renting space. The nerve...

Is there a correlation between female bellicosity and tit size? Most of these peaceniks are flat.

This has got to be a carefully contrived stunt to discredit the peace movement, there's no other explanation for it.

heh. looks like contestant #5 is not a natural blonde after all.

How do you get Zits around your crotch?

They don't call them "the great unwashed" for nothign, Kevin.

Apparently some of them don't even know the definition of nude!!

Hey, I ain't fussy - I will look at any naked (or semi naked) female, socialist or capitalist. Even if they are not natural blonds.

At least it keeps them off the streets.

My god...the girl on the rights been beaten and drugged. The girl on the left isnt half bad...did I say that outloud? shit

Ahhhhhhhhhh MINE EYES


I swear one of those females looked like Gollum.



I'm already blind, but that's beacuse I was up all night eating cheese again.

What am I supposed to be looking at? My text-to-speech thingie keeps telling me to step away from my computer.

teeny, tiny titties and homely to boot...

Is it just me or do all those women really look like crack whores?

Dude, it's not just you.

Damn, I guess I have to go back and get a new eyeglass prescription.


Did anybody wonder why allot of them were shaved...not usual for these types? Then it hit me. NO BUSH! Aren't they just a clever little bunch!???

Even when the girls could use some more "Eat Meat!" days, I'm really disappointed about the guys! I mean - where are the guys at all?

Wow. What a world wide movement! They could only find 20 idiots after searching all over the world that would strip for peace. What happened, did they run out of singles?

Cover these idiots with burka's. It's the one article of clothing that would make looking at them bearable.

Somebody ought to tell them that posting pictures of ugly naked women on the internet will not cause wars to cease or peace to happen. If it were so, it would have happened long ago.

Hmmm. Two guys, sans weiners. A bunch of snaggy hippie chicks. One girl that wasn't nude at all.

Lame. I was hoping for a couple of big fat hairy guys, but I've been ripped off again. Why is it always about unattractive tits?

It puts up a random picture each time you reload.
I lucked out the first time - she looks good to me.