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hello, my name is ricardo. touch my wiener.

Peta.org is not the only PETA run site. There's at least ten of them out there, including lettuceladies.com.

These lovely ladies are scantily dressed in nothing but outfits that look like lettuce leaves in order to send the message that...that....ummm..

Oh, that dressing up like vegetation and showing your cleavage is a great way to say "Meat Sucks!"

Anyhow, you can adopt a Lettuce Lady if you like. I suggest Kayla:


Sure, Brandi looks like the lettuce lady that will love you long time, and Karla will bite your weenie, but Kayla has the face that launched a thousand burgers.

I figure if I adopt her, I can fatten her up like ala Hansel and Gretel and then throw her on the barbecue for some down-home rib cooking. Something tells me she tastes rather bitter, though. Better use honey-glazed bbq sauce.

And girls, you aren't left out here. There's always the Broccoli boys if lettuce ladies aren't your thing.

Hey, is that a string of weiners around Ricardo's neck?


Oh my god, it is! All American Beef!

Uh oh. Looks like someone is about to get porked!

This is just too easy.


I can't respect these people. They slaughter plants for fashion.

I think Kayla is a man and the one in the pig costume must be Bernie Getz

Once again...Michele comes through with the laughs.

Turn offs...meat breath
Turn ons...NPR

Ok...this chick is seriously seriously twisted.