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oh give them a home, where the transformers roam...

John Moore wants to know what you would do with U.N. Headquarters.

I think that after we kick out every idiot that roams the halls of that place, we should use it to house all the superheroes of the world.

Just think, Batman wouldn't have to live in a cave anymore. I mean, the dampness cannot be good for him. He needs windows and air.

I bet you could fit the entire Castle Greyskull on the grounds of the U.N. Fly some flags from that baby and no one will mess with us again.

The possibilities are endless. We can call it Tower of Power or something like that.


Batman doesn't actually live in the cave. I understand he has a pretty cool house over the cave, being rich and all.

Superman, on the other hand, probably lives in some fairly modest digs, having only a reporter's salary. I seem to recall that Peter Parker also lives in a ratty apartment in a bad neighborhood.

Or maybe times have changed and I'm just showing my age.

Well, the cave was thrown in there for effect. Anyhow, it would be pretty neat if he could move his whole digs above ground level.

It's always been my contention that both superheroes and villians need secretaries. Perhaps we could just use the building as a sort of a home office for a collective comic book character administrative assistant pool.

I'd like to see what kind of faxes Skeletor gets.

Would you let Battle Cat guard the moat? There would be a moat around this castle... or huh... super tower of power, right?

Seems like one Bush would like to keep the UN intact, anyway. ?The Madrid conference would never have happened if the international coalition that fought together in Desert Storm had exceeded the UN mandate and gone on its own into Baghdad after Saddam and his forces.?


But hey, he's probably a Socialist.

Remember the movie Roger Rabbit? Perhaps the inhabitants of Toon Town could be moved to UN headquarters. If the UN were populated by cartoon characters, its dignity and seriousness would increase. Then again, it would probably be hard to tell the difference.

I was always a big fan of turning it into a housing project like the suggestion from the first "Heavy Metal" movie.

With current affairs over Iraq, you won't need to empty the building of its occupants: they will do it by themselves.