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(another in a series of Eat an Amimal for PETA Day blogging)

Remember kids, even if you have milk in your coffee you are doing your part to piss off David Berg!

Who is David Berg, you ask?


David Berg parades in front of schools in a cow costume. He mentally assaults your children by telling them their parents are abusing them by letting them consume milk and milk products.

Tell your kids that laughing at a grown man who spends his days dressed in an udderly* ridiculous costume is ok.

*see comments for reasons this post was edited. Bite me, Ken.

Oh, I'm made of meat!


Um, didn't you mean an "udderly ridiculous costume"?

Someone should attach that boy to a milking machine.

"udderly ridiculous costume"?

I laughed so hard milk came out of my nose, and spilled on my bacon and eggs.

Oh, and yes, this morning I had sausage (from a wild pig I got) and eggs (store-bought - my aunt has her own oppressed chickens but she lives too far away). Then it's a burger for lunch, and venison at dinner.

I think I'll add biscuits to the menu, just so I can put on some butter and honey (don't forget that PETA considers bees to be oppressed too, enslaved and exploited by evil humans).

Oops. Sorry about that Greg, I owe you a bacon.

Yea, ken stole my joke. I forgot to fix that.

But I'm going to change it now and it will be credited to me retroactively and no one will know what the rest of these comments are about!!!

Because I can.

I'm doing my part. Husband and I are going to our favorite Italian restaurant tonight where I will have my favorite dish VEAL MARSALA..

....mmmmm....baby cow!.... drenched in a wine & CREAM sauce......

He will be having the filet mignon with a brandy/CREAM/peppercorn sauce.

I'll have to be rolled home, but I'm willing to sacrafice for the cause. ;-)

Heh. If we didn't each have significant others, I'd take that as a come on. ;-)

Annie's Sunshine Cafe had chicken fried steak and eggs on special today,yummer dummer doo

Well, I'm in the Bay Area, so I think I'm going to hunt me down an anti-war protestor. Them's gooood eatin'!


I dunno, Tony, I figure them for stringy, insubstantial meals. Unless it's a ranch-raised anti-war protestor, fed a rich grain diet, and kept in a small pen to increase bulk quickly.

Anti-war veal?

I don't know Tony, they look pretty scrawny and raunchy to me. This site suggests barbecuing, but unless you find a young, succulent one I think you're better off braising or stewing. Or perhaps making sausage or hamburger.

Michele, in the spirit of March 15, I just wanted to say that today I made mushrooms stuffed with sausage and sauteed chicken breasts in a tomato-tarragon-cruelty cream sauce, both of which i had a portion of (i'm saving the rest for my wife, who's on a retreat this w-end and left me with the rugrats).

Also, I made a batch of my excellent BBQ sauce in anticipation of the first grilling of the year, so i pre-cooked a rack of ribs recently ripped from the carcass of a hog that are ready for sauce, and i slow-cooked and pulled a boston butt roast that is ready for some sauce, a hamburger roll and several big sloppy bites taken over the kitchen sink.

Meat rules.


A fine filet mignon and a great New York strip, cooked together with only a bone separating them...

Rita and I are going to Doe's Eats tonight, where you buy cooked dead cow by the pound...

a five pound Porterhouse... grilled over a hickory fire...

Damn, I think I'm sportin' wood....

Greg, Ken,

Duly noted. Went to Texas Road House, where they tell you that every dish has at least 8 oz of meat on it. Had myself a combo (6 oz sirloin+8oz BBQ chicken+mashed potatoes w/ gravy+steamed veggies). I figure meat + Texas theme = killing 2 birds with one stone, as it were. Oddly, just about every song on the sound system was a Dixie Chicks song.


Brunch: Steak and eggs. Dinner will be a substantial meat meal, perhaps baby back pork ribs. another steak, or prime rib. All for you, PETA.

I had a huge juicy steak. Mmmmm. Can't make me a Vegitarian. Eugh dont really like veggies.