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beware the ides of march

Especially if you are a cow.

The day has finally arrived. Eat an Animal for PETA Day is here and I've started on my journey to consume as many animal-related products as possible in a 24 hour period.

I will be recording an account of all my meat-related activities for the day.

Excuse me while I go cook some breakfast sausage.


Just got off the crappy third shift and enjoyed some Bob Evans Sausage & Biscuit Sandwiches. For lunch, I'm thinking a Agio garlic steak sandwich from Panera Bread, or maybe something else containing meat... I'll post the lunch menu after I actually eat it.

Had sausage and gravy this morning. Chicken for lunch where I work. And then I'm thinking a nice steak for dinner.

i made the family eat leftover spaghetti with a heavy (2lbs) of meat sauce for brkfast. we will be having hot dogs, chicken nuggets for lunch and then fried chicken for dinner. if i squeeze in any more meat, they will think I'm crazy.

Just finished the grocery shopping. Picked up 5 pounds of chicken (caged, not free range), 3 pounds corned beef for Monday, 6 pounds of chuck roast and 2 pounds of ground chuck. Then I came home and ate 2 mettwursts. (Though in order to disassociate the name from Germany I had to call them ass burning suasages). I'm thinking of ribs and chicken for dinner.

You ain't getting me, meat-eater...

I'm rolling around in Jay Leno's aftershave as we speak.

Try swallowing that, carnivore...


Sadly, I missed out on carnage by going to the relatively frou-frou Napa Valley Mustard Festival. sob I was there with you all in spirit...

Perhaps I can atone by pointing you to Bob Roth's splendid documentary, however.