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People are animals, too.

So, while you are eating your meat-laden meals tomorrow, please indulge to the hilt and watch a cannibal movie while you feast on the flesh of dead animal carcass.

May I suggest Ravenous with that burger?


How about a double feature with "Eating Raoul". Shit, now I have to go rent it again......I haven't thought of this movie for years.

I'm sorry, but the only cannibal movie worth watching is Cannibal: the Musical.

Fine. I'll "stop eating anything with a face" when I get a letter of guaruntee from everything on the planet that has a face promising not to eat each other, or, more importantly, ME. Considering the number of species out there who would see me as nothing more than an ambulatory bag of Tender Vittles, I ain't gonna spend a single moment feeling guilty about my place on the foodchain.
Namely, the TOP.

You wanna graze like a bunny, fine. But get over yourself.

That's a great idea. I think after dinner, "ll eat my wife.

Of course, I don't need a special day for that.

You forgot one very important detail.

More than twenty minutes of 'Ravenous' will encourage people to eat THEMSELVES to halt the pain...