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i love referrer logs

So this is what happens when you get good publicity.

This cretin on some message board took all the sites that were listed in the WaPo article today and posted them on this board with the header: Some interesting reading.(Anyone a Hacker...)

and then: Pro War...
Anti Inteligence.
Ach well freedom of speech N all that.Some very non thought oiut arguments, rhetoric, bushism's, etc

Well, besides the fact that intelligence has two L's and there's a typo in out (talk about non-though out), he has the audacity to call the troop/war supporters sites full of non-intelligence and rhetoric and meanwhile he makes the call-out for a hacker.

I took a screen shot just in case.

Thanks for the intelligent discourse, assclown.

Yea, that


That's a British site isn't it?

I picture a group of heroin addicts like in Trainspotting pissing in their beer mugs wishing they could do more in life than kicking their cans all over the place.

I feel excluded. Nobody ever wants to hack me.

Maybe it'll be like that abortion doctor hit list, and you'll see names start to be scratched off.

Holy crum! I wonder who the author might have been?! Well, I poked around the Dogman website , and I have some ideas.

Could it have been Neil? Neil has always had “an intense love of all dance music” since he “began organising house parties and parties in small function rooms such as the Café Royal!” Of course, such a post may not be Neil’s thing … after all “when he plays out he takes his music seriously.” “A very technical DJ, he locks himself into an intense vibe concentrating solely on the music,” and that post just doesn’t strike me as the work of someone who leans “towards the deep ’n’ moody with a strong Electro side,” or someone whose hobbies include “naked topiary.”

Maybe it was Nomad! After all, he’s “earned himself the well deserved nickname ‘Mad Mental Mike’ for both his exuberant personality and his unique dancing style.” Could be … when I read that post I certainly think “exuberant personality” and “unique dancing style,” so it may be him.

Or perhaps it was Al … after all, this is the man who under the name Al Space, “started Apex with Steve Pace and played out house and techno, slaying the dancefloor monthly for the lifespan of the club.” And Al does favor the “funkier, housey side of things,” and what with his “phenomenal talent” and “instantly recognizable” “technohousefunkgroovestuff ™,” it could certainly have been Al.

But I think it was Sekonz. He only started spinning hiphop a few years back, practicing juggling and scratching, and the post reflects an emerging sensibility. Still, he has recently “changed his style and now spins techno but tries to incorporate the hip hop style of mixing and scratching into techno sets.” Hmm … ahh, here’s the proof: Ol’ Sekonz is “heavily involved in the free party scene and part of the Diverse Frequencies free party collective.” Only someone who takes pride in something as inane as a “free party collective” could have been vacuous enough to think up that post.

Some days you just can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a fucking moron.

Thank God we have people with good sense to balance things out … people like, say, Maureen Dowd.

"Some days you just can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a fucking moron."

Yeah, but isn't fun to just hit 'em again and again with the dead cat?

Excellent point, Robert ... excellent point.

isnt that insulting to the dead cat?

what are yaz on about???what do ya think ive done??