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would some technogeek like to help me humiliate myself?

So, Matt Haughey came up with a way to use trackback to show what's currently playing in your Winamp. Oliver made it sound oh, so easy, so I went and took a look at Matt's instructions and my head exploded.

I'll give a dollar and a beer to anyone who would like to implement this neat trick on my blog. Just think of how much you could make fun of me when you see what I'm listening to. Worth the price of admission alone.

[deletes all references to 70's disco from playlist]


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I set up the DoSomething plug-in and it's pretty easy. I happen to have instructions too. :-)

I, too, would be interested in knowing how to do this and if it works with winamp clonse, like xmms on Linux.

Instructions made sense to me, but for ordinary people I think screen captures would help.

I just got it working on my site...I think. :-) What part(s) do you need help with?

I'm still using BlogAmp, even though it limits me to WinAmp 2.81... but it looks like this one limits you to 2.5 anyway? I'll stick with BlogAmp. Much easier.

Any luck so far? Email me if you need help.

"[deletes all references to 70's disco from playlist]"

Well, I should hope so.