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you're a blind one, mr. blix

Every day, it becomes more evident that Hans Blix is working his own personal political/social agenda in his role at the U.N.

This interview (with MTV) is quite revealing. However, it's not the part about Blix being more afraid of global warming than major military conflict that bothers me most. Instead, it's this passage:

lix: Because the root causes are even more difficult to tackle then the symptoms of it. To wield the big stick and strike here and there and have big surveillance of telephones or whatnot, that can be done, but to get at the social conditions better democracy, more education in the Middle East, giving the hope for the many youngsters in that part of the world now that's harder. Look at the Palestinians with the huge, huge percentage of unemployed. What does that breed? Anyone who's unemployed in the world, you feel there's no meaning and there's a risk that you drift over to something desperate. Yes, we have to tackle the social problems as well. [emphasis added]

No, Mr. Blix. Palestinian terrorists are not bred by unemployment. They are bred by mothers and fathers who train their children to hate and murder. They are bred by a "government" that enourages killers. They are bred by other leaders, like Saddam Hussein, who reward them. They are bred through an education of lies, propaganda, hatred, bigotry and evil.

Perhaps if the education of Palestinian children did not revolve around blood, revenge and martyrdom, peace would come to that area. You cannot have peace when generation after generation is taught the opposite.

Until the Palestinians themselves stop breeding terrorists, the root cause of terrorism in the middle east is the elder generations who propogate the cult of death and destruction.

When there is peace, there will be jobs. But there will not be peace until the brainwashing of the children of Palestinians stops.

I don't expect Hans Blix to grasp this concept because he does not want to. Blix would be comfortable out on the mall in Washington D.C. with a sign that says "what has Iraq done to us?" and cheering the A.N.S.W.E.R. folks then he is in his current position.


I just read yesterday (I think from Drudge) that Hans Blix was put on the U.N. inspection team at the request of France, they knew he would be lenient on Iraq.
The U.S. was pushing for another man to head U.N. inspection team, a guy who would be tough on Iraq, and the French threatened to veto that move.
Fuque the French

Yeah, but you gotta admit, it's super fun to say "Hans Blix."

Hans Blix Sux Dix

I've been unemployed for a while, and yet I haven't become a terrorist.

Maybe I should, and then Mr. Blix could be my terrorist-target. I'll strap him to a homemade Qassam missile and blast him at a wall.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

I'll send the blood money to Nardo.

And it sure is a good thing that the well-off never become terrorists or support terrorists, like that bin Laden fellow. No, wait...


I'm really getting tired of this bullshit that these murderous thugs carry out these acts because they can't get a job.

Leave to an idiot like Hans Blix to perpetuate that crap.

MB thinks Blixey-Baby is just making sure there's enough in his retirement fund after X # of years of working at "inspecting".

Yeah, remember all those unemployed Americans blowing themselves up in Canada during the Great Depression?
Good thinking, Mr. Magoo.

Right, Toren. Don't forget the Okie fascists who terrorized Mexico.

I'm with Ryan, it is fun to say "Hans Blix".

Maybe Israel should comply with UN-resolutions, withdraw from the occupied territories, alow a Palestinian state to be formed. Maybe then we'd have a basis for proper education.

We'd love to have a chance to do that Joeri, but if you ask a "palestinian" which chunk of land they would like to call their own, they will show you a picture of the entire state of Israel. So I don't really think that'll happen until attitudes change.

Hans probably doesn't believe this either, which is why my favorite phrase I've heard lately is "Ignorance is Blix".

Ah, once again Isreal and Palestine enter the fray and all common sense flies rapidly out the window! Goodbye, Mr. Common Sense!

Whether or not you like Blix, his quote is fairly intelligent. You'd have to twist his words around quite a bit to draw a pro-Palestine anti-Isreal stance from that quote, regardless of whether or not he actually holds one.

Is Blix an idiot becaues he believes that a society lacking democracy, proper education and a content populace is prone to more violent action? Didn't massive military sanctions and a miserable economy help, in large part, to drive Germany to accept the Nazi party before World War II?

Of course terrorist groups are more likely to function in an unstable society. Blix' comment is more an insult than a compliment to any Hamas freedom-fighter, since he implies that terrorism relies on people who feel they have nothing to lose and suffer from poor education.

You're telling me that democracy spreading through the Middle East is a bad thing? Come again please?

- Evilboy

Evilboy, grow up. All of the terrorists involved in 9/11 were from well-to-do families and college educated. Same for many of the Palestinian terrorists, although most of the educated ones are organizing rather than blowing themselves up.

There are many places with high unemployment and endemic poverty that don't breed terrorists (Appalachia comes to mind). For that matter, how could a rich democracy like the U.S. breed domestic terrorists like PETA and ELF, who are, of course, staffed almost exclusively by middle class, white kids with too much free time on their hands?

As for "democracy spreading though the middle east", that's exactly what we're starting to do in Afghanistan and Iraq, but the lefties want us to stop. Why does the left not support democracy and freedom in the middle east?

The Palestinian Arabs had a good chance to get all that in the Summer of 2000 when Barak offerred them peace, the consummation of the Oslo Accords. Their representatives, if you can call them that, turned it down and started the present war of terrorism against Israel instead. The reason they preferred war to peace and a state seems to be that peace would not bring about the destruction of Israel and the extermination of its Jewish inhabitants, which appears to be the PA's goal. Until that goal is abandoned, the Palestinian Arabs can rot in hell for all I care. If they had tried this stuff against an Arab government they would have all been killed or driven into exile by January 1, 2001.

"how could a rich democracy like the U.S. breed domestic terrorists like PETA and ELF"

I am to understand that PETA is a terrorist organization? Sure, some of the PETA people are quacks, but unless you've got some links to "PETA bomber kills 3,000 people", I suggest you stop throwing the term "terrorist" around so loosely to anyone who doesn't share you ideas. To apply the term to a group like PETA disrespects individuals who have suffered at the hands of real terrorists.

Not every single location in the world with unemployment or poverty will "breed terrorism", but the conditions that tend to accompany an impoverished nation (desperation, hopelessness, poor education, susceptability to propaganda) will increase the likelyhood of terrorist action or increase the ease with which a terrorist recruiter may find potential bombers.

I don't see why you've (unfortunately) attempted to turn this into an argument about the left / right or pro-war / anti-war, I merely pointed out that Blix' comments were being misinterpreted, a point you have failed in any way to refute.

- Evilboy

I love his quote today...
Chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix said he doesn't believe Saddam's government would use such weapons even as a last resort because it would turn world opinion in favor of the United States. "Some people care about their reputation even after death," Blix said.

he is either a terrorist supporter a bitch, just how the french like them!