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overkill happens so fast these days

Ok, we get it. Elizabeth Smart is home. We are all incredibly happy at this turn of events.

Now, please stop interviewing every person who has known, gone to church with, sat next to at a movie theater or once saw Elizabeth at a birthday party six years ago.

Right now, Katie Couric or one of those other smiling bitches is interviewing the kidnapper's kids. They have basically no memory of him, as they have stated many times in the past few minutes.

Daughter: I only have that one memory of him choking my mom, that's it.
Son: I only remember his presence. I have no specific memories

Katie: Do you remember any specific instances of being abused by him.

Hello? Are you a sadistic idiot, Katie? Don't answer that.

And then they interview his long-ago wife and ask her to speculate on what Elizabeth's time as a captive might have been like.

Let the girl readjust to her life without turning it into a Jessica's Well Sideshow Circus.

Aren't we about a day away from war? Should every news channel really be scheduling interviews with the cousin of the next door neighbor of the woman who thought she saw Elizabeth two months ago in Bumfuck, Iowa?

Oh, I hear there's some kitten stuck in a tree in Wisconsin! The hell with Colin Powell and Saddam! Send the news vans to the kitties!!

Patricia Hearst? They are dredging that up now? It's not even a slow news day.

Man, I need some sleep.


I think you're expecting a bit much from the media, don't you think? I mean, expecting them to report a story with respect and humanity?

Yep, I'm tired of that crap too.

How in the hell did Katie Couric ever get a job in network TV? Perky imbecile.

Imbecile I can tolerate but I hate perky. Perky must die.

Sorry, still working on the first cup of coffee.

Calm Michele, Calm

The Willow tree bends in the wind, the Mighty Oak breaks

I think that was a move line, too.

In mere days the empty headed fluff will give way to Ordanance, Explosions, SEAL stuff (that we won't hear about), and other generalized Thumping of the Bully! Stock up on Tequilla. Get ready, things are fixing to get fun!

You'll know Elisabeth has been damned if the poor girl ends up on tabloid covers eternally like Princess Di and Jon Benet (both of whom are still on the front pages in Safeway THIS WEEK all these years after they've died).

But I guess it won't happen. What kind of legs does a story have that goes "Elisabeth's kidnapping is still solved." [Generalisimo Fransisco Franco is still dead]

At least Patty Hearst had some good points. What the fuck is wrong with you people that just want to know if she was molested? I mean, come on. She spent the last nine months of her life enslaved to some sick fuck. Draw your own conclusions. Do you need to hear the news people say it?

But you watched, didn't you?

And perky is good, when you're the one being perked ;)

Katie Couric proves the rule that no matter how dumb Connie Chung may be, there is always a media personality one order dumber.

Ah, but you don't understand. . . this is the type of story that the media loves because it's so damned easy to report on. There's no difficult research involved. All they have to do is interview people and hopefully get a tear. It's simple drama. Journalists, by and large, are a lazy bunch (or at least I am), and this type of milk run story is the journalistic equivalent of a sick day. And they're going to milk it for everything it's worth.

I don't need to hear the gorey details. The newsmedia don't need to have the gorey details either. The law does and the jury does if it goes to trial.

Hopefully we'll get to the fun stuff like MOAB and this will die down and the poor kid can get back to some semblance of normalcy.

I was beginning to think that I was the only person who's already tired of hearing about it. Yay, she's home. Great news. Get back to me when you decide what to do with the buttmunch that took her.

we have that kind of reports here, too. We call them "American Style" and it's mostly done for the cheap kick between the advertisements. I'm happy there are people who aren't just consuming it willingly.

Hey, Lilli, it was the Germans who invented "kitsch," not us.