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sword envy

At a gathering of poets against the war in Southhampton, Long Island last night, poet Joan Gassisi has this to say:

"I just had to bear witness," she said. "A battlefield used to be a legitimate place for people to prove their valor ... now its [just] technology."

So, if we were using muskets and bayonets in attempt to prove how courageous and bold we are, this war would be ok?

If I'm reading Ms. Gassisi's words correctly, she would have no problem with the U.S. Army invading Canada with nothing but ninja swords just to show the rest of the world how big our collective penis is. Right?


Ah... another person harking back to the "glory" of wars past... back to the days of hand-to-hand combat, when we fought mano a mano against the enemy. This was honor. This was as it should be. THESE WERE MEN.
Bullshit. It doesn't matter whether you're fighting with assault rifles, muskets, pikes, sabers, hammers or big fucking STICKS. Using a weapon on another human being is a terrible thing, a disgusting thing. Severed limbs fly. Blood and brains and guts and shit splatter everywhere. There are screams and curses and confusion and terror and rage and nobody is sane.

"War is cruelty and you cannot refine it."
-William Tecumseh Sherman

I am not arguing against the coming war in Iraq. Indeed, I believe that it is past due, and will result in a better life for the Iraqi people. But it disgusts me that some person (who is actually arguing AGAINST a war) would have the gall to say that any war was ever great, or glorious. Wars may be fought for honorable causes, and for just reasons. But they are never of themselves glorious.

Erik Moll

Tom Clancy summarised it as "Ever since the first man chose to pick up a rock or stick to gain advantage over other men, there has been a race to find better rocks and sticks"

I don't know about you but I'd rather there were 100 men capable of defending against 100,000 than 100,000 having to defend against 100. Technology gives us the edge.

collective penis
would be a great name for a rock band!

Leftists are such asshats.

A friggin' stone arrowhead is one of the deadliest, most beautiful products of Eeeevvviiillll technology that the human race has ever produced.

Imperial Falconer

The last time the US tried to invade Canada we burned down their capitol building, which resulted in it being painted white.

I'm curious just how BIG our collective penis would be. I mean, it's just gotta be HUGE! One big giant American penis, stretching from California to Maine, being shipped overseas to cornhole France. Only in an ideal world, I suppose.

two things, Chipster.
one-Canadians did not burn Washington.
British regulars under Maj General Robert Ross did.
two-They did so in retaliation for the Amercian burning of York, capitol of Upper Canada.


Here to help.

Each testicle of a male blue whale weighs about 2 tons.

That'd be nothin' compared to the collective nut-hammock!

Was reading a book last night about Special Forces operations in Afghanistan last night, and several of them wanted to pack samurai swords. The request was denied. I guess the military just has to say o.k. this time, and we are good to go.

That's just asinine. Does she also realize that thousands more people died in those "Glorious Wars" than die in modern wars?

It's the Mars v Athena contrast all over again (and did I just mix Roman and Greek gods?). Both are gods of war, but Athena is also goddess of wisdom. Mars is just some bloodthirsty berzerker. Athena constantly gets the better of him and at one point even takes his weapons away.

We're Athena...the soggies want us to be Mars. No deal.

Chip and John C.,

3) The Brits burned the White House, not the Capitol. It was whitewashed to cover the scorching and that why it's white. The Capitol's white because it's MADE OF LIMESTONE AND WHITE MARBLE. Well, much of it anyway, although a lot of it dates to after the War of 1812. And it looks grey at sunrise and sunset.


Yes, you mixed Greek and Roman gods. That should be Ares and Athena, or Mars and Minerva.

Last week, I finished reading Ed Rasimus' new book "When Thunder Rolled -- An F-105 Pilot Over North Vietnam". He describes how he arrived at Korat, Thailand, a first lieutenant on his first assignment out of training, terrified.

"To say I felt sick is an understatement. Did you ever spend much time thinking about death? Not in the abstract, philosophical concept. Your death. The end, nothing, darkness, eternity. The sleep from which you don't awke. And you're only twenty-three years old.

...The idea was to fly that incredible airplane and then go to the bar for a couple of beers. The good life had to be lived to be enjoyed. You had to see the sunshine and the blue sky and maybe get married. Get the assignment out of flying school and then spend a couple of years in Europe or maybe at Nellis. Dying wasn't part of it."

When he got to Thailand in 1966, he was trying to figure a way to weasel out of flying combat. Ed arrived at a rationalization, which was that it was a game ("...to steal the enemy's hubcaps" and beat the chase), and he made it through one hundred rides Downtown to be one of only two out of every five F-105 drivers who didn't get killed or captured.

This Gassisi person is an idiot. She sounds off about "technology", but if you asked her about 30-foot rocket-propelled robots hunting for people like Ed in the sky in order to kill them, you'd get the Big Blank-Out at the point where "valor" becomes something that she simply could not even imagine.

And it's no different today.

These peoples' strutting ignorance is simply disgusting.