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ted rall is still a festering sore on the face of mankind

I was going to fisk the current Ted Rall spittle, but I have to get DJ to the doctor now.

Honestly, I think the only thing you need to know about this piece of crap is the title:


The man is worthless.


I'd like to stab him in the throat, then have a Dove bar. Mmmm.

Wow. What would you do for a Klondike bar?

At any rate, I agree.

Pity I didn't run into this asshat when I was home on leave between my two tours in the RVN... I'd be out of jail and he would be smarter.

Some people will sacrifice their souls for fame, even infamous fame. Ted Rall is some people.

People like Ted will go away (or at least be marginalized) if ignored. It's unfortunate that blogs such as asmallvictory seem to be drawn to items on his site like moths to flame.

Hasnt this blog sworn off commentary about Ted before? What happened?

I don't get it. If Bush has gotten approval from Congress, and hell possibly the U.N. too, how it any military action "illegal and immoral"? Cause Ted said so? Jerk..

Turd Ball always brings them back for more. He's a no-talent hack and a feculent weasel.

Feculent, by the way, means "full of feces."

I have to admit, I subscribe to Men's Health. But late last year they started a new "cartoon" called the Testosterone Diaries. Yeah, guess who who draws them. I can't for the life of me see what that pile of garbage has to offer for a magazine, much less how he got tabbed to draw for anything related to Testosterone. I still read it for the fitness info and some of their writers, but ever since signing this guy up, I'm thinking of letting it lapse, just like Reason.

If you do let it lapse be sure to let them know why. It would be wonderful to see enough people do that and dickweed lose that gig. I know it's not much, but it would be something.

Now that I think about it, I love the idea of the free market kicking this guy in the financial nuts.

Ted was the same thing who made fun of the soldier murdered after he fell out of his helicopter.

Rall is a worthless piece of sludge. In a sane culture, he would be tarred and feathered.

I've noticed a trend with this fuckwad. He makes blanket statements because, seen in the wrong light it would appear to be a smart thing. For example.

"Hitting someone in the face with a baseball bat is bad!"

That makes sense, the problem is, would it be okay if you hit someone in the face to stop them from killing a preschooler?

Ted makes a living off of this. "War is bad". "Bush sucks". "I Slept With 70 Women so my Morals are Better Than Yours".

I say, if Patriot Act II is regretably enacted, we use it to tell Ass-croft that Rall is actually a Taliban member and let them incarcerate his ass indefinitely.

P.S. - Some spammer got my asmallvictory@robballen.com address off of this site, so I'm obfuscating that info now. Sorry.

There's no such thing as bad publicity, Uzi! FREE DIRTY DANNY


Don't forget the cartoons making fun of 9/11 families or Marianne Pearl. Now, free speech is a right, but, like all rights, it is often used as frivolously and spitefully as it is constructively.


Waitaminnit....he listed Cuba as a place "where people can't vote, speak freely or eat much...." I can't believe it. I thought Cuba was Paradise: free health care and literacy for all.

The freedom to swing one's fist stops at my face.

And in a country where you can sue someone for emotional damages, why can Rall get away with this? His headline actually made me very upset, especially since I'm busy arguing with my own company in the manner that they treat their military employees.

I'd sue, but that'd only serve to extend the problem....

The only thing surprising about that article is that he didn't write it sooner.

I don't even get mad at such Rall puffery anymore; I just shake my head and chuckle.

Back in my Navy days we had a saying for guys like Rall -- "lower than whale shit!"

Hey, I'm the one (active duty military) that he's comparing to WWII German stormtroopers.

When I'd say I'd give my life for any American, I make an exception for him. No socially redeeming value whatsoever.

In short, he can kiss my ass.

Somebody sponsor him onto a military base on a Friday night and give him a microphone. Please? He'd never leave intact.

I got as far as Germany in the 1930's, then the automatic Godwin's Law in my head caused me to switch off.