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and here i thought it was aliens

The rebuttal always is: It's a conspiracy.

Because not only did the anti-war faction have nothing to do with the destruction of a 9/11 memorial this week, it was in fact the pro-war faction that did and the blamed the anti-war people in order to make them look bad.

Can you get a new gimmick, guys? The conspiracy angle is getting really old.

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At a time like this, only one thing remains to be said...

The new 'Doors' lineup sucks. Ian Astbury (The Cult) as a replacement for Jim Morrison? C'mon, that's like replacing Louis Armstrong with the sound of the worn brakes of a '64 Pontiac Firebird...

That rendition of 'Light My Fire' was just naaaasty.

Next they will tell us it was a pro-war activist who hacked the Francestinks and Germanystinks websites!

Chele, FYI The 9/11 site set up outside of 111 Centre St in Manhatten(Supreme Court), had pics and memorial items stolen from it over the last weekend. The site was set up for the three officers we lost on 9/11.

Both sides are, of course, assuming that a human can be subsumed whole into a cause, and that, therefore, being anti-war and smashing up a memorial is an anti-war act...as opposed to an act by some retarded monkey-humping dickwad who just wanted to smash something...

Don't blame a cause for the human idiots that rally round it.

As other have pointed out, adding the Dylan song points to the vandals trying to "get a message out".

Patriotism is the root of all evil. The hidden hand of the masters uses this emotion to pull your strings and to manipulate you to their world-dominating ends.

If you weren't such a brainwashed fool you would understand this, Mrs. Catalano. Wake up!

Plus... Bob Dylan sucks!

Not really related, but I just read this article and thought you would appreciate it. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ideas_opinions/story/65798p-61293c.html