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i'm going to get sued for this one

Another poster for the cause:



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I'm a proud carnivore, even if I am one of those snivelling antiwar weenies; but that poster may have just put me off of the other white meat.

Geh. That twitch you felt wasn't a presage to the polar shift. It was my stomach doing a slow roll and lurch to the left.


I made another one too that was more to the point. What fun.


You're a sick genius.
You know that, right?

the cowgirl got in trouble for messin' wit Puma.Yer messin'wit da mouse,baby.He'll fuck you up.watch yer back.

Damn, mbruce...
What are you on, and do you have any left?

Glad to see Piggy's got her voice back. (There was that period where she seemed to have this, um, frog in her throat.)

e,i thought Henson was bought out by Disney,and isney will nail you to the wall on copyright.They are rumored to have closed down day care centers for painting Mickey on the wall.


This isn't just non-commercial fair use, but parody, which is protected by the First Amendment. See generally Larry Flynt, 2 Live Crew.

That's just great. :) I'm going to have to add this blog to my links.

Yep, it may be protected parody. Can she afford to take a trip thru the courts to find out for sure? Disney can.