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sorry, i ain't feeling it

[insert retching sound here]

It's not just For the Children™ anymore. It's By the Children™.

How manipulative.

Found via Juan Gato, via Emily via Kerry....(and so on and so on)


Manipulative, oh yeah. Pucker-butts.

I read that last night and it made my already sour mood all that much worse.

I take solace in the fact these stupid little bastards won't live long enough to spawn.

I'm fed up of these people...

International Abortion Week anyone?

Foreign Policy by AdolescentsTM. Just like the 90s.

I knew I shouldn't click the link...I knew what I would find.

I HATE the fucking bloodsucking Liberal whores on morning TV. They feed on human misery to drive ratings and pimp their half-baked political agenda.

And that the nice things I have to say about them.


And what if, say, Rush Limbaugh had a terminally ill child on his program to speak out against, say, abortion? Can you imagine the fireworks?