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catching up

I meant to link these two things earlier. I apologize to the people in question for the delay.

First, the late edition of Carnival of the Vanities is up and running at The Daily Rant.

Second, I alluded to a project that Susanna of Cut on the Bias and Mike of Cold Fury were working on last week. It is now open for your viewing pleasure.

Home Front is a registry of companies that are paying either full salary or the differential between full salary and military pay to the National Guard and Reserve Troops mobilized for deployment in the gulf.

They will be encouraging people to support the companies listed by buying their products and services if possible, or just writing them a note of thanks.

many American companies are going beyond the call of their legal responsibility and helping the men and women called to active duty by not only paying them the legally-required minimum, but by either making up the difference between their active-duty stipend and their usual salary, or even by paying their usual salary in full. Again, this is no small hardship for these employers; it involves some pretty major sacrifices. No one has pressured them to do this; no one has threatened boycotts if they don't. They've done it out of a sense of duty, decency and patriotism.

So the intention of this site is to honor that generous decision, and to publicize it as much as possible. We hope that you'll support these fine businesses with your dollars, with a word of thanks, with a letter or e-mail expressing your appreciation for what they're doing. They deserve it. Think of this as a sort of reverse-boycott, if you will.

Home Front: Go have a look.