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nine months later...

Wow. They found Elizabeth Smart. Alive.

I cannot imagine the overwhelming joy and relief her family is feeling right now.

Hooray for good news.


Incredible. After everyone comes down from their obvious natural high, I hope they BBQ the fucker that kidnapped her. Slowly.

It is really incredible. I just hope Elizabeth Smart is all right. Even if the kidnappers never put a hand on her, it's still so traumatic to be ripped from your home for 9 months. Very scary.

I turned on CNN when I got home and I saw this story. I am beside myself and kinda choked up. This has to be the first truly amazingly good news I can remember hearing in a long long time.

Time to make an example out of the person/people that took her. Any suggestions? Lileks once said that they should put these people in cages with horny apes or something. That would be a good start.

I'm happy and thrilled for her and her family. But I can't help wondering what went on. She is reportedly in good health both physically and mentally. You'd think opportunities to escape would have presented themselves over 9 months. She could have run acros that parking lot today screaming "I'm Elizabeth Smart" and she would have instantly been protected while the citizens of Utah beat that ashole to a bloody pulp.

I wonder what kind of power he had over her?

My wife and I were discussing that tonight, and she bet he had made threats against her family to keep her in line. Something along the lines of "I'll come back and kill your little sister if you try to escape" or something of that nature.

She said she had two people watching her at all times.Lock and key and all that.So I would think that there are at least three people involved in this.String up the lot of 'em.

I also think they would have tried to keep her from any media...so she would feel isolated and not knowing that most of North America had seen her face on CNN.

I hope she's okay.....and I feel so happy for her family.

Amazing news. I was also interested to see the father calling out Sensenbrenner on his delay of the Amber Alert. Good for him..