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today's fun fun fun

Don't forget to go play in Saddam's Bouncy Castle of Fun today.

Does anyone mind if I go out for Chinese food today? Is that acceptable?


Kung Pao kitty! Kung Pao kitty!


But you'll just be hungry again a half hour later.

So have some more!

Well, I'd mind if you didn't go out for chinese, because that means your chair would be empty =(

Pick up some chicken fried rice for me if you would.

Only if you bring back enough for everyone, little missy!

(Sorry, I just had a grade school flashback)

Well that beats the shit out of Saddam's Bouncy Castle

I saw something really gross here earlier. Thank Allah it's gone.

You weren't the only one, and since Michele has now (thankfully) removed it my previous comment makes no sense.