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as the stomach turns

I don't even know what to say about this disgusting act.

Tell me again that the peace protesters are just pro-peace and not anti-American.


I am so sick over this.


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I'm not "for war", but and this is a big but, I would not be caught dead destorying American flags especially for a 9/11 tribute. How stupid are people?

Oh,never mind I don't want to know.

There is a difference between anti-war folks and idiots. The people from you rlink were just plain idiots who use the anti-war protesting for their idiotic stuff. I don't think it was anti-amercian, just plain ... being idiots. It's like agressives at peace demonstrations. They are not into the peace stuff at all, they just need a place to fight and use these demonstrations and happenings for their cheap goals.

Lilli, I think the fact that they nailed a Bob Dylan anti-war song to a tree at the site pretty much states what their motives are.

If burning a cross is "protected free speech", and burning a flag is "protected free speech", then wouldn't burning those protest signs be "protected free speech"?

It's up to the idiotarian holding the sign to decide whether or not to keep holding the (by now burning) sign or to drop it... Isn't it?

They are NOT,/i> anti-war, they are anti-American, specifically anti-Bush. The fact that these protests never happened over the Bosnia demonstrates that.

Actually, it is no different from college. The same people who kept protesting the Vietnam war (years after the damn war was over) applauded "resistance" wars, Cuban soldiers in Angola, and the Khmer Rouge (at least until their friends in Vietnam decided that the KR were too much even for them).

They are nothing more than little pusbags and I am offended that the police refused to get throw their asses in jail.

Rats. Could have sworn I typed that last tag correctly.

All I can do is shake my head.

Disgusting morons.

Michele, remember that in my heart I am an anti-war protester (at least for this particular conflict). And I think you know that I would never, ever commit an act such as that. I love my country -- and the freedoms it gives me -- too much.

Just as you don't equate all anti-abortionists with the radicals that burn clinics and shoot doctors -- you can't lump this group of idiots in with the rest of us.

A lot of people will claim a "cause" in the name of destruction. It doesn't mean the cause claims them back.

Oh, absolutely Robyn. While these people were definitely anti-war protesters, they were of the lunatic fringe that so often follows around the more moderate of peace movements.

Sure, you are one of the lunatic fringe, Robyn, but only when talking about OU football :)

Guilty. As. Charged. ;-)

I'll gladly admit that these represent a fringe element of the anit-war movement. But when you read the crap that is being posted at democratic underground, you wonder how large that fringe really is.

Two sample opinions, repeated a lot, is that this is either bogus or it is a set-up by pro-war supporters. The common currency heard over and over is underwritten by moral bankruptcy.

"The Big Lie" is predicated on the common human tendency to believe anything, so long as it is repeated often enough for long enough.

Like the guy who started the rumor that there was gold just BEGGING to be found in Hell. After the rumor got passed around a few times, everyone packed up and moved to Hell to look for the gold. Eventually the one who had started it asked himself, "What if there is something to this rumor? I don't want to miss out..." and headed off to Hell himself.

The Big Lie is what keeps the North Korean army loyal. The Democrats have been using it for years, and these paranoid mouth-breathers over at DU are the result.

What pisses me off is that the cops were there and refused to stop these poeple from destroying private property. That is not free speech, it is a crime and they should have been arrested.

Yes, it's stupidity, but it's indeed anti-American stupidity.. it's okay to say that, you know.

thats beyond hatred....ugh

Take me back to the days where police brutality had loopholes...

it's protected free speech if you burn YOUR cross.

Or YOUR flag

Or even YOUR sign.

It is NOT free speech to burn someone else's cross, flag or sign.

That's called, in places where people are sane, vandalism--or arson--and it is a crime.