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drinkin' rum and coca-cola

I'm just about to go to bed (told you I was tired), but first, I need to help out a friend.

Stacy's site is down due to some glitch I refuse to even try to understand.

She asked that I post something to cheer her up.

(picture from cabanaboyrum.com)

Well, it made me happy.


Mmmm. After a recent trip to Puerto Rico, dark rum & coke (Bacardi, of course, despite the cabana boy) is my new favorite drink. :9

I'll thank you to not post my pictures all over the internet without permission in the future, young lady.

Just avoid dressing him up in the biker outfit...it can get a little scary...

Damn. Making me happy, and I only swing that direction when on X.


Mmm, that made me so glad I decided to check your blog one more time before bed. Hope you have sweet dreams cause I know I will.....

Please send two of him.