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this is getting old and so are you

I'm tired.

I'm tired of writing about the war that I thought would have happened already.

I'm tired of picking on protesters, making fun of France and caring about celebrities.

I'm tired of berating Blix and pointing out the uselessness of the U.N.

I'm tired of the catfights in the comments.

I'm tired of listening to talk radio and hearing Hannity say the same things every single day - mainly because there is nothing else to day.

I'm tired of Mark Morford and Ted Rall and Jimmy Carter bashing.

It gets exhausting not just listening to it and reading it and talking about it, but writing about it every single day.

So I am going to do a lot less of it. There's so many other things I could be writing about. I used to write essays about love and kids and music. My writing used to be good. Now, it's just sound bites and declarations of anger and anxiety.

I've been thinking about this for a week. About writing more and ranting less. About more substantial posts and less "this day on Drudge" posts.

I wonder, though. This site is more popular than it's ever been. I am still amazed at how many people come here a day to read what I have to say. It boggles my mind.

I wonder how many people come for the war talk, the politics, the France-bashing, the wringing of hands?

I wonder how many people would stick around if there were less of those things and more of this or this or this or this?

More funny, more thoughtful insights, less repeats of how I feel about this war. More of the old stuff, less about my fears that center around Iraq and Iran and North Korea.

How many times can I say the same thing, anyhow?

The answer is simple: I can say it as many times as it takes to get tired of saying it. And that time has come.

No, I'm not going to stop blogging about news. I'm just not going to do it as much. I am no longer going to swim into the sewers of Indymedia to find material that makes me mad. I am no longer going to care what Ted Rall or Susan Sarandon have to say.

In all this war talk, in all my efforts to get the news out fast and furious, I forgot how to write. Or I just forgot that I can.


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Your original blogging is why we're all here. We can go elsewhere to bitch about war.

I didn't leave you when you started being a bitch. Why should I when you stop? mwah

I would come here no matter what you wrote. I like your writing, period. Do whatever makes you feel best, I'll still read ya...

I like your style, kid. That's why I stick around. Write about what pleases you first and foremost, and those who don't just stop by for the arguments will still be here. Like me.

Hey Micele - its your site, write whatever you want. But I tend to tune out about war stuff - everyone's mind is made up - so it tends to be like teaching a pig to sing, you end up annoying the pig, and pigs can't sing anyway.

You could bring back the boobies . . . .

Just one of those many that stop by daily for a laugh or a thought. I don't read this site just for the war stories (in fact, I don't always agree with you, politically speaking) but rather I come here for all the stories, war and peace. Your site (and tampatantrum's) actually inspired me to start my own site (even though my kids say I'm too old and nerdy (I'm 42)). I can't do it like you can, but I sure enjoy doing it. Thanks and keep it up, no matter what the topic.

Here, here!

(I don't know why, it just seemed like the thing to say...and I love you for your mind not your war mojo).

Seems that this is the time for introspectiveness (is that even a word?) in many people. As so many have already said...it's your blog and you need to write what you need to write. Personally, I enjoy your essays on love and children and music the most. But no matter what you are writing about I am drawn to read it.

I come here despite our opposing opinions re Iraq. You're original and funny and thoughtful, and you're not All War All the Time.

A differing opinion is just that....not much in the scheme of things.

I hear you, I really do. I stopped being concerned with all the krep! about two weeks ago, and I'm happier for it. My readership (such as it is) dips up and down, but I've stopped caring so much.

We're human, we've all got cycles, mental, emotional, and otherwise...I suspect that the folks who can go All Pundit All The Time or who are Perpetual Snark Machines are not of this Earth.

But that's their thing; if they can keep the pace up, more power to them. You keep to your own pace. Keep yourself happy and your stress levels low.

I mean, this is supposed to be the medium of self-indulgence. So indulgence yourself!

I come by here several times a day...the main reason being that even though I've never met you, you're a friend of mine...

I come by here several times a day...the main reason being that even though I've never met you, you're a friend of mine...

What Solonor said. :)

Tagging along behind Solonor and Skits. :)

I'm tired of arguing about war and politics in general, too. (Not as tired of reading it, yet).

Write about whatever you want to write about. That's why we visit.

good girl. i miss hearing about your life. (not that you should do it for me, but....)

I must say that I miss more of the "I spit at you at a stop sign" and "you did what in the Millenium Falcon?" stories, but I will read your site probably no matter what I post because I am your willing groupie. :-)

Your readers get war-weary, too.

And Michele, you don't owe us a thing.

This isn't sneaky ploy to topple me in Blogrolling, now is it? ;-) No seriously, I've been delinked a lot in the last month for changing writing courses. Although that's certainly everyone that reads (or doesn't read) along's choice -- it's also my choice to write what I want because ultimately I'm the one paying the hosting bills. Same in your case...

I don't always agree with your politics or your views -- but I adore your writing-style and think the world of you. It would be a truly boring world if we only surrounded ourselves with like-minded individuals. So I come here to learn. I come here to think. And also to laugh and cry when you write about life. Just because the topics may change as phases in your life life do as well, doesn't mean the person behind the words is any less interesting.

And as such I'll be right back here tomorrow...just like the day before that...and the day before that!

Well I live just outside of SF, so if I want to know what the useful-idiot, pro-tyrant, pot=peace remanents of the left are saying I only have to pick up a free paper or stand on a street corner.

You can stop reporting that crap as far as I'm concerned. And susan who?

The UN is just a building full of diplomats doing what diplomats do. They aren't empowered to make policy, but can lie about it.

If that isn't the definition uselessness I don't know what is!

Since the UN has no actual enforcement mechanism it's existance is a mirage. The member countries do whatever they'd do anyway. They pretend to enforce things whenever it suits their domestic politics. At best the UN is political cover, obviously. What else could it be?

That's just logic. There's no magical incantation that turns a body with no enforcement mechanism into a real source of authority. There's no magical incantion that turns the powerless figurehead that is any diplomat into a powerful politician. It's not possible for the UN to be more than it is.

So you can give up on taking it seriously.

The French are informed by the French media. I think that explains everything about them.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog.

I love you no matter what you write about Michele.

Can I be the M. C. of "Bitchslap Ted Rall Day" now?

Seriously, though, do whatever makes blogging FUN for you. Half the reason I paused for a bit is because, being at a university with a lot of smart-though-not-necessarily politically-aligned-with-me people has given me a LOT of room for political discussion. Added to socializing, studying, and the PAUCITY of news, I simply don't have time to blog. To be honest, I'm just killing time (and the undead :) ) until the bombs start to fall.

Yet I always like reading about new and interesting people. And few people are as interesting as Michele Catalano. :) You go, girl. I still thank you for putting me on your news links, and I certainly know that when you Dget your war on in future, it will not only be amazing but something you WANTED to put out.

Besides... you're the TUPPERWAR lady!! ;)

: gently : No offense meant at all, please, but I actually started coming here less when you became more of a "warblog." I really miss things like "don't pee in the Millenium Falcon." I did the same thing with LittleGreen Footballs when that blog became "all war, all the time" -- so please, it's not personal. I just miss old-skool you. :)

I will still check back in when you pop to the top of my blogroll, regardless of waht your subject of the day is.

I just come here for the boobs.

I started reading before all the war posting. You can't get rid of me that easily.

What Andrea Harris said....

Do what you want, that's why we come here.

I just can't seem to make it through a day without seeing what you are up to. I think you do a good job of posting on different things--there is a war brewing after all!

Oh and now that you're ready to stop writing about it, the bombs will probably get dropped and we can all start blogging about it all over again.


As I've said before, there's more to life than war and politics. You prove that statement often.

No matter what you write about, I'll keep visiting. :-)

How about some more baseball stories? The last one about the Yankees was great.

Well, all I can say is: Yay!!!!

I had no goals in life until I heard the term "Perpetual Snark Machine". Now I have found my purpose in life...

If this is that "Old Michele/New Michele" worry then let it slide, you're 100% Michele Michele and even though old Michele would have sent me my Transformer by now... uh... forget that part... anyway, February/March is always the armpit of the year.

Write whatever, I'll still visit every day.


You could bring back the boobies . . . .

Yea, what Ken said. Make boobies, not war.

What Roe and others said.

I started coming here only after what I've heard was a shift toward warblogging - so I've got none of these old-school "those were the days" memories. Still love this place. Gets me thinking, and makes me laugh.

So just know that whatever you decide to do, I'm sure it will come out mahvelously, darling, mahvelously.

Michele, no matter what you write, we will still read it.

i totally come here because you're hot. but you knew that right?

I came here from Sylvain's blog where I occassionally post....
you are brilliant!
...I will be back for more.
if it's not about war I'll likely stay longer, but write what you feel and the rest will follow. You are obviousely well loved by all!

I like the LIFE stories much more than the war rants. Like someone above said, eveyone's mind is made up. We all know who the dorks are and who's going to say what on any given day. Let's hear more about your observations on life. I came for the writing, I stayed for the introspection.

Michele: your blog is a treasure, regardless of the subject matter. It's your personality, your writing style ... the humor, the vitriol, the insightful comments ... the stories. You're a wonderful writer. That's the draw. Keep up the good work!

It's your blog, and you should write about whatever you wanna write about.

Having said that, I sympathize with your weariness at this war preparation without end. Bush is continuing to look like Jimmy Carter to me: all talk, no action. Or like Ford on inflation: namely, clueless. ("Whip Inflation Now" buttons, anyone?)

I suspect Bush is looking for a way out of the war. Seize on Saddam's alleged destruction of weapons, declare "We won!", bring the forces home, and basically hunker down until the 2004 election.

I thought we had another Reagan, but we wound up with another Ford.

i've nothing to say that hasn't already be said.. damn i hate when that happens.. uhh.. i'll be back. :-)

It's not the size of the keyboard it's the way you move it. Write it I'll read it.

Truthfully, I kinda miss the old Michele and I haven't been back as often because of the warblogging -- I really enjoyed the other stuff more as it made me see the real you, particularly as a mom. But I understand and accept that a blogger has to write what's important to him/her. When the family or raising kids stuff comes up, though, I like reading it. Kinda makes me think of what conversations with my two year old will be like when he's a teen. "Mom, why are you wearing so many bracelets in this picture?" or "Were you a teenybopper?" "or "Is Boy George really a boy?" and so on.

But I digress... write what matters to you because it matters to you. The rest be damned.

French products and companies to boycott:


You know, Michele, I'll be honest, I used to be a daily visitor, but when you started beating the dead horse that is the war for oil (just like the one million and one Andrew Sullivans out there), I felt disconnected. Where's the Michele we've all come to love? The one that blogged about boobs and stuff?