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perhaps he had his fingers crossed the whole time

Perhaps the inspections are working. After all, the inspectors did find that drone.

It's just too bad Blix never mentioned it out loud. Instead, he buried it in a report instead of announcing the find to the Security Council.

Blix has painted himself and the U.N. into a corner. Here we have the Security Council - and everyone else the entire world for that matter - being misled about what the inspectors are finding. Not only does this clearly demonstrate the inspections to be a farce, it also shows Blix to be an untrustworthy lackey for the U.N. whose real priorities include making himself and his employer look good, world be damned.

Blix could have presented the ultimate smoking gun. Instead, he tucked it away as if it were a dirty little secret he was embarassed about.

And well he should be embarassed. It is now up to Britian and the U.S. to demand answers from Blix and then have him announce the discovery of the drone, the way he should have from the start.

Let's just get this war overwith and then get on with the business of telling the U.N. to pack its bags.


You know, I had a sneaking suspiscion that the inspections were allowed to go on this long in the hopes that they'd embarass themselves in exactly this way.

Can't be. It's too subtle for a simplisme cowboy like George W. Bush.

I think GWB must have stock in a rope company, because he just keeps giving them rope to hang themselves with...

I think the folks he's up against are having a severe failure of the imagination. They have lots of strong political taboos, and can't figure out someone who doesn't share them. He's just not from their world.

Among other things, they just can't bring themselves to believe that yes, he really is perfectly willing to destroy the UN if it gets in his way.

Not like he didn't give them fair warning, with his "League of Nations" speech back on 9/12/02.

Having correctly identified Bush as a simplistic cowboy, you'd think they'd follow that thought through to its implications, one of which is that the guy means exactly what he says.

I thought the drone was an RC unit tied to a Cessna... looked about as hi-tech as a twig. Considering the current state of air defences in the world, the drone probably wouldn't have made it very far out of Iraq.