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deep thoughts

You know one reason why I would never really boycott an arist/actor who is outspoken against the war and/or America?

Because if you did that, then it would stand to reason that you would - in order to be really true to your patriot feelings - do the opposite. That is, watch and/or buy movies or records by those who are outpsoken for the war or the president.

Let me tell you, there is no way I am ever going to buy a Ron Silver movie. Ever. I don't care if he wraps his dick in a flag and goes over there himself to kill Saddam. I just can't do it.

On the other hand, I can't give up Ocean's 11 or Dusk til Dawn, either.

It's easy for me to sit here and say I'll never watch another Susan Sarandon movies because I never liked her as an actress anyhow. And I don't like Dave Matthews or Moby.

And even if Mike Patton or Gary Oldman came out as pro-war, I wouldn't care. Hell, they could announce that they are in favor of clubbing baby seals and it still wouldn't stop me from idolizing them with an adulation that is really unecesary at this point in my life.

There. That was my deep thought for the day.


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I know what you mean. There would be too few choices of things to watch or listen to if you boycotted everyone from the lunatic fringe. Some of my favorite songs are by the group Concrete Blonde. Their politics make me soooooooo sick though. Ugh! Here's an idea... just boycott stupid movies, TV shows, etc. If they can keep their wacko ideology from poisoning their work, I am willing to give them a chance. I am curious though... given Martin Sheen's views, how do you think West Wing will deal with the REAL president going to war with Iraq? Not that I watch that show mind you! Their fantasy world had to come to grips with the idea of terrorist attacks... but will they just sweep Iraq under the rug?

My sentiments exactly. Although, ever since I saw a documentary this week called the "Celluloid Closet" and found out that Gore Vidal and Steven Boyd played Ben Hur as a gay movie, I can never look at Charlton Heston in the same light again.....

I'm curious though...

How far does this admirable sentiment go?

Would you still support Mike Patton or Gary Oldman in their film careers if they were to demonstrate in favour of increased coverage of 'Stepmom' on all channels and the eternal playlisting of Nickelback and Sixpence None the Richer on all radio stations?

Frankly, I'd be in favour of War Crime Tribunals? You?

Yeah, but sometimes you have to. Even though I like their music, I wouldn't feel right buying anything by Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders now, after reading what she said. I can see what you mean, though - for example, I still like Janeane Garofalo, David Cross, Bob Oedenkirk, and others - even though I think they are wrong, It depends on what the celeb says, really. Why would I want to continue supporting someone and giving them my money when they're calling me every name in the book?

I don't get it. Ron Silver stands up and defends the United States at an international function and probably damages his career in the process, and you hate him.

George Clooney disses the U.S. everywhere he goes in the world and that means you'll still watch Oceans 11.

Right. I get it now. Is it because Clooney is so cute when he tilts his head slightly to convey the depth of his emotion in a scene?

I don't care for the politics of either man but at least Silver defended his nation when people threw down at him to his face.

The words "Ron Silver" and "shitty B movies" are permanently associated in my mind. So his politics don't really matter. On the other hand, I really liked "Three Kings" and "From Dusk Till Dawn"; Clooney's political beliefs don't matter.

It has been my experience that most actors and actresses are boring, self-centered people with incredibly inflated egos (which raises the question "is Hesiod an actor", but I digress). If you start worrying about what the people are like "in real life", it ends up being impossible to enjoy just about any movies or theater at all.

Marlon Brando protested the execution of Caryl Chesman, kidnap-rapist, so I have never watched any of his movies. Neither have I watched any Jane Fonda movies.
Once you decide not to pay for the rope to hang you, all it takes is a good memory.

You're not in favor of clubbing baby seals?

Steve - I never liked Ron Silver as an actor. That is why I don't watch his movies.

I mean, if Pauly Shore started appearing on Fox News declaring his pro-America stance, does that mean I would have to start liking Bio-Dome?

The other part of your comment was a bunch of sexist nonsense, It's too early in the morning to even bother answering that.

see, here's the tricky thing about movies. there's usually more than one actor in them. so to me, movies will become a balancing scale of sorts. like the movie coming out "Bad Boys 2". i like WIll Smith. I detest Martin Lawrence. will my want of a good will smith film enable me to stomach having to see martin on the screen? guns and explotions will probably tip the scale in favor of seeing it. the same thing holds for boycotts. i'll see Dusk Till Dawn still cuz i like Quentin Taranteno, Cheech, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GUYS IT HAS SELMA DANCING HALF NAKED. ISN'T THAT REASON ENOUGH? anyway. i think a boycott isn't "not supporting their freedom of speech" so to speak, i just think it's saying "i find this morally repugnant asshole is being a hypocrite and i for one will not finance him/her doing it." i think they have every "right" to say what they want. i just think it's high time they started paying for it.

Clubbing baby seals is OK if you eat them. Clubbing Adult Seals takes more guts--and gives you more meat if you are successful.

It is funny that in the first Gulf War, pretty much only the pothead woody harrelson protested that war. That action was to drive the Iraqi's out of Kuwait--that's where the OOiiiilll is. This time it is to: get rid of a meglomaniacial leader who murders his own people, supports terrorism, builds weapons a helluva lot more destructive than a baby seal club. It is also to protect US, the United States from nutcases grown in and supported by that whole region.

These are ostensibly the same goals the Loony Left supports in other parts of the world~~say Yogoslavia where we supported the invaders (Ottoman Turks--Muslims) over the indigenous Caucasians. Except for when they are going after the OOiiilllll, they are supporting the Muslims of the world. Put that in your Hooka and ponder it.

never. watch. another. susan. sarandon. movie?

whine you don't like rocky horror? (or the witches of eastwick?)

I found a pretty good compromise. If I want to watch a movie with any of these pricks in them, I'll just borrow them from friends. It's totally legal and doesn't give them any of my money!

What I have to keep myself from doing is the same type of comparisons I yell at others for doing. Bush is not America. Saddam is not Iraq. Dominique De Villepen (who is a man) is not France. George C'looney' is not the movie, only an actor in it.

The only exception to this new rule is Garafallo. I can't watch her without trying to kick in the screen in a vain attempt to crush her skull and I like my HDTV more than that.

Until you've seen "Heat Vision and Jack", do not condemn Ron Silver. It is a bizarre pilot for a sitcom that never aired, starring Jack Black as an ex-astronaut and Owen Wilson as his talking motorcycle. Ron Silver plays an actor/assassin/astronaut named "Ron Silver".

Timecop is a masterpiece. OK, maybe not, but I liked it. Plus -- Mia Sara. On the other hand, Silver plays Alan Dershowitz (!) in Reversal of Fortune. That's enough to merit an exeption to any "No Ron Silver" rule, isn't it?

No review of the Ron Silver oevre would be complete without looking at his seminal role, his star turn as the Russian kicker Vlada Kostov in Semi-Tough.

You'll be happy to know that even Ron Silver has his fans. Alas, One El Michele isn't one of them.

I tend to go along with the "screw Hollywood" sentiment. My take on it is quite simple - any SOB outta Hollywood that refuses to support this nation, and the people protecting their rights to be millionaire candy-ass assholes, will never again receive a dollar out of my pocket. No movies, no rentals, no movie purchases. No more Baldwin flicks, no more Sarandon, no more Glover, etc. No more music purchased from bands that insult us. No more Coldplay, no more Dave Matthews, etc. Let these self-centered rat bastards pay for their worthless and meaningless punditry by taking it in the wallet. These people have to learn someday that Celebrity does NOT equal Greater Intelligence and Wisdom, and if they were just some schmendrick like me, no one would pay attention to a word they ever said. Screw the abysmally uninformed jackasses out of Hollywood - we pay you bastards to ACT, not give us your ridiculous world views. Shut up and act, or sing. I have spoken.

Roy AlderseBaes
Chicago, IL

You so called american patriots afraid to stand up for the United States and the protection of its citizens and those who love democracy the world over sicken me. That said, there is nothing more american than protest; however, when the inevitable occurs and shots are fired, where will you stand? I would hope you would stand behind your nation's sons and daughters willing to fight to provide you with the very freedom that allows you to protest.

Why are you my best friend? Of all people you picked Mike Patton (my favourite musician of all time) and Gary Oldman (my favourite actor of all time) as examples for people who, no matter what they say, you will still love them until the end of the world. Hooray for them! Hooray for everything.

When those shots are fired at us right here at home, then I'll stand up and defend my nation! Right now, they're being fired at us in another nation - a nation we invaded without provocation. So stop feeding us the same old "who's defending your right to protest?" rhetoric! The Iraqis, the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda haven't taken my right to protest away. If you want the troops to go after those who are really trying to take away our free speech, then they ought to be looking a lot closer to home!