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Did anyone else beside Oliver and I see the Google server error today?

You can force me to wrap my house in duct tape, stop eating white-powered donuts and do the duck-and-cover every time the wind blows. I can live with all that. But when you try to make me live without Google, that's when the terrorists have won.


My favorite comment from the MeFi thread:

it's a vast corporate/right wing/pro war netwide DDOSing! where's my fucking duct tape?!?!
posted by quonsar at 9:39 AM PST on March 9

Yes, I noticed the Google error...

...did they move the Google servers to Pyra (Blogger) or something?

Yes, saw the server error. I thought the Iraqi government was blocking my access.

It was awful. I felt deprived.

The Jane household was in the process of researching the final answers to the Sunday LA Times Crossword (ok we were cheating) and found Google down. We tried several others earch engines...boy do they suck.

So to hell with oil...now I know what REALLY makes the world go round.