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and the winners are...

Congrats to the Bloggie winners (I mean, congrats to all of them, but especially to the people I know):

Jason, for Blogrolling

And especially to Eric for Blogcritic's win.

Now, let's get on with the anti-bloggies. I'm ready to start bribing the judges.


Thank you - and congrats to YOU, too. I'm still on top. I mean, on Blogrolling.com. ;)

I'm convinced the whole blogrolling thing is a fix. Think about it. Jason has been in your house. Jason has been in Robyn's house.

Who are number one and two on blogrolling?

See what I mean?

Michele, it can't be a fix... I mean, I made Jason a friggin' PIE and here Dave Barry is stomping me into the ground on the top 100. Harrumph.

I'm feeling the need for some desperate measures... plots