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i'm all out of tin foil

So, today is March 9, right?

Damn, I feel cheated.

Where are the floods?

I've been checking this site since October 2002, waiting for instructions on what to do and how to prepare and which of my alien leaders I should contact.

Now 8March2003 has come and gone and I think I submitted to that anal probe for nothing.

They want us to wait until April 15 now. The hell with that. On April 15 I'll be waiting on line at the post office like everyone else, trying to get my taxes in at the last minute.

I don't have time for these games anymore. Please, stop visiting my house late at night, stop performing medical tests on me and stop telling me I may have already won two free passes to a free screening of a new, shitty disaster movie.

They haven't made a good disaster movie since The Towering Inferno, anyhow.

God damn, my ass hurts.


Ark II rocked! I loved those postapocalyptic RV's like the one in the Jan Michael Vincent Opus Damnation Alley.

What about Hard Rain?

Doesn't Airplane count? It came out after Towering Inferno.

But Inferno was a real disaster movie, when disaster movies were the big box office draws.

Remember Earthquake?

Melly. I had a dream about Hard Rain the night before you posted that. Weird.