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rall, you are no bill hicks

Ted Rall is either channeling Bill Hicks or ripping him off.

Gee, I wonder which one it is? One guess only.

Bill Hicks = Dead, but still great.
Rall = Living, but writes like he is dead.

Such a shame, the way things turn out.


At least Dennis Leary knew how to work the material he stole from Bill H.Rall can't do squat with gold loke that.Fuck him .Oh,and Fuck Jimmy Carter ,too.His trap needs to be sewn shut.

rall's gonna have to get in line behind the myriad of people who have stolen from bill hicks...dennis miller, bill maher, denis leary et al...a confederacy of thieving assholes.

Bill Hicks is God. Didn't ya notice that God didn't seem to be present in the eighties and early nineties? Bush, Reagan? Would that have happened under a loving god?

Hell no. It only happened cos the real god was stuck gigging in the deep south. Otherwise he would have done something about those inbred, dumb fucks.

he must be on a cigarette break right now, otherwise he would've done something about the other inbred fuck in the white house right now. jeez, talk about cover. Hell, i'm all for compensating for weaknesses by achieving other things with our existing strength, but compensating for general compulsion for stupidity, illiteracy, inbred idiocy with over-simplification, biblical amorality and campaigning for global destruction? Hell, that sorta stupidity takes a Bush....

And an eighth generation one at that. Hell, those ancestors knew that forbidden love would pay off, man...