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jimmy carter: a mini fisking

So many people have covered Jimmy Carter's op-ed in today's New York Times (it's ony 7am!), that I won't do a full frontal fisking. I have just two comments for Jimmy boy on his criteria for a just war:

Its violence must be proportional to the injury we have suffered. Despite Saddam Hussein's other serious crimes, American efforts to tie Iraq to the 9/11 terrorist attacks have been unconvincing.

How isolationist of you. For all the crap these liberals spew about wanting to make the world a place full of peace, love, flowers and smiling babies, they seem to be terribly unconcerned with the plight of fellow humans in other countries. How does this affect us? has become their new rallying cry.

The first stage of our widely publicized war plan is to launch 3,000 bombs and missiles on a relatively defenseless Iraqi population within the first few hours of an invasion, with the purpose of so damaging and demoralizing the people that they will change their obnoxious leader, who will most likely be hidden and safe during the bombardment.

I don't know about you, but I think any "widely publicized" war plan should be taken with several grains of salt.

Now listen carefully, Jimmy. "[s]o damaging and demoralizing the people that they will change their obnoxious leader" implies that the people of Iraq aren't already damaged and demoralized, that they haven't yet thought of the grand idea of changing their obnoxious leadership. Wake up and smell the napalm, honey. The people want freedom. They want liberation. They don't need a "shock and awe" campaign by another country to beg for Saddam to be gone or - even better - dead. And obnoxious is a very telling word to use. It's a lame understatement, giving a clue as to how you reallyl feel. Better words to use would be: deadly, evil, sociopathic, murderous, tyrannical, etc. But as a person who tends to kiss up to people with those traits, I guess you shy away from those words, Jimmy.

You would think Jimmy Carter would be the one person who would realize that sanctions and attempted peaceful solutions just do not work when dealing with middle eastern fanatics.


Ah yes, Jimmy Carter. The man who never met a dictator he didn't like. I remember how weak and ineffectual he was as president and he hasn't changed since he left office.

You know, I have been trying to find out what President Carter actually DID during his time as president.........and I really can't find anything significant. What did the man do for four years? I very much admire him as a fantastic example of humanitarian involvement, an individual that is doing something significant with his celebrity to make people's lives better, but WHAT DID HE DO AS PRESIDENT? I can't seem to find anything.

I think the most memorable things about Carter's term were the energy crisis, the Iran hostage crisis, and Billy Beer. And lets not forget his confession to having lusted in his heart. Carter probably wouldn't even have been elected if people hadn't been mad at Ford for pardoning Nixon.

I have asked Mr. Lilli about Jimmyboy and he said the great things he did was a) the SALTII negotiation and the b) the peace contract between Israel and Egypt. He is the first amican president I remember. But it was too early for me to be interested in foreign politics.

Michele you write about what he Iraqi people want. How do you know? Serious - how do we know what they really want, what a majority of them want? I do not.

I know what some exile-iraqies want, I know what I would want if I'd live there, but I have no idea if they are not really happy with their Saddam, even when it's hard for me to blieve that.

Well, Lilli. While I'm looking up articles for you so you can see for yourself what the Iraqi people want, I would venture to take a wild guess that the majority of them would like to not live in fear of rape, torture, murder, starvation, their children being tortured and raped, being gassed or boiled alive in a vat of acid and frankly, I do believe that the majority of Iraqis would like a little of that thing called freedom.


I was 11-15 during the Carter Administration (you do the math) so only remember parts of it and what I read about later. The main thing I remember, and really the start of my serious interest in politics, was the Iran Hostage Crisis. Which he botched in the most extreme manner possible with his "peace above all" mindset. The Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel was his most significant accomplishment, for which he actually deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.

And, despite the fact that the man has a genius level IQ, served as president, and nominally heads an international relations center, he doesn't understand Just War Doctrine worth beans. I've Fisked that elsewhere.

That would be 11-14, of course. He only served 4 years. I just seems longer.

In my mind, there is photo-finish between Carter and Clinton in the race for worst President in the entire history of the U.S.

Imperial Falconer


Sadat and Begin had already decided on peace -- they got together at Camp David so they could both plug Carter for money. Jimmah's administration was the absolute nadir of American foreign policy. To MonkeyPants, I'd say Carter was worse: Clinton's foreign policy was purely reactive and inattentive, while Carter's was actively self-destructive.


I'm definitely not a Carter fan, but you understate what he accomplished at Camp David. Unlike Clinton claiming credit for the Rabin-Arafat agreement (which was a disaster), Carter actually was very instrumental in Camp David--which has worked. See this, for example, from PBS

Jimmie's Camp David accord pushed Isreal to give back terrirory they had legitimately gained in response to agression. In return, Jimmie agreed to compensate Isreal for the oil supply they were giving up, and to give Egypt dollar for dollar what we gave Isreal. Agression rewarded.

Lilli you mean the SALT II treaty that was never even ratified because the Soviets were invading Afghanistan and the terms of which the Soviets didn't abide by anyway?

Jimmy Carter tries to take credit for the peace between Egypt and Israel, but peace was brought about by what was largely a bilateral agreement between those two countries. Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (back when it still perhaps meant something). And by the way, all Egypt really had to do was acknowledge Israel's right to exist. Israel willingly ceded the entire Sinai Peninsula, which is much larger than the state of Israel itself!

You are wrong Keith V. You said Carter was the man who never met a dictator he didn't like. The truth is that the dictator must be Anti-American, then Carter loves him. He hates dictators who are our allies.

My favorite Carter memory was his government controlled gas distribution program. He got it into his head that there was a shortage of gasoline. His program created long lines at the gas stations in the cities (and surplus of gas in the rural areas). Regan got into office and left the gas distribution to the marketplace, gas lines disappeared within a week.

Carter was such an idiot president. Now, there is nothing left of Carter you could call American.

Darling Lilli said:
I know what some exile-iraqies want, I know what I would want if I'd live there, but I have no idea if they are not really happy with their Saddam, even when it's hard for me to blieve that.
Yeah, you know, maybe it's true. Maybe the Iraqis, who live in the so-called "Cradle of Civilization," really aren't like us at all. Maybe they are inhuman mutant freaks who pour salt in their ears to quench their thirst, sleep hanging upside down, and are perfectly happy with an unpredictable megalomaniac with absolute power as their head of state. But you know what? I don't think so.

I was a Sergeant in the US Army both before and after Carter. There were many times that I didn't agree with my Commander in Chief, whichever one it was. But during the Carter years was the only time I was actually embarassed to be an American soldier.

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