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one more, i swear

Holy Shit!

I had no idea today was International Women's Day!

Think I'll go bag me a woman in celebration.

I mean, no.

I'll do something dainty and feminine, like umm..

play with my action figures?

read a few comic books?

watch a violent, bloody horror movie?

change the oil in my car?

crush a beer can against my forehead?

Damn, I'm all out of ideas.

18 posts since 6pm.

I'm just gearing up for this year's Blogathon.


You crazy postin' foo'!

busy aren't you.
I am still trying to catch up on everything you posted tonight.

Michele, scoot over to my blog and look how Mugabe treated the celebrants in Zimbabwe.

Talk about how the phallic symbols of the Patriarchy that surround us have caused your life to be a legacy of shame and despair. (There will be a quiz later, then a poetry reading.)

You mean you're not going to bag me?

Teach yourself a new skill. If you squeeze an empty beer can in the middle, you can bite it and rip it in half. Even a kid can do this, since our cans are so thin now. It looks impressive, and takes little strength. I quit doing it when I accidentally cut my gum, though...

After you do it, you have to growl and yell "I am woman! Hear me roar!" Then pass out.

Yes, it is intl womens day. and in celebration, I actually left my house on a Sat. night and met up with other women and we drank many margaritas.

Okay, it really had nothing to do with women's day, I just made that up! But we did drink many margaritas.

Pee your name in the snow. THEN, I'll be impressed.

do me! do me!

Oh wait, I'm repeating myself.

I swear I didn't know. But if I had, I would have told every womyn I met just how special she is, and that she is a persyn deserving of respect.

Chicks dig that.