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one for the road


I forgot to say thanks for humoring me all evening. I had fun.

And then, there's this song, too.

I just know you wanted me to share this with you.

I'm going to upload some of these songs tomorrow because you know damn well you want to hear them even if you think you don't.

At least Geoff will.

See Her Pee by NOFX

She got lips like stereo
With the bass and treble down
She got tits like microwave
Burritos that explode
What I wouldn't give to see her pee
Between two parked cars
On a well lit street
Fifth and Main


That's it?!? That's all ya got?

Ok then, fine. I'm done stalking for the night, just so you know.


Um, no offense, but I'm going back to Scott Mackenzie.

Hell yeah Michele! That CD is fantastic! Songs like that Bigwig one surprised me, too, with their non-punkhippie messages. Isn't there a song on there called "Rage Against the Machine Are Capitalist Phonies?" If there is, it's probably by Anti-Flag, in which case I hate it, but otherwise I dig the title (and that whole CD).

Classic. Great source for material to fill up space on mix tapes with, as well.