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the end

Well, kiddies. It's time.

I've been on here since 6:00. My back hurts, my ass is asleep and I think I'm dehydrated.

I will leave you with a song dedication. This one is for PETA.

You can find this song on Short Music for Short People, a compilation of 101 30-second songs. I listen to it at least once every day. You just don't get tired of songs like this:

Freegan by Bigwig

Well I'd club a baby seal
But you know I won't ingest it
I'd tell my vegan girlfriend
You know I wouldn't suggest it
Well all my shoes are leather
And I don't care weather or not
If all the cute little animals were to be shot
Were to be shot
Consider someone else, stop preaching about animals


Short songs for short people sounds like the name of a CD we could dedicate to Acidman