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break on through, yadda yadda

See, this is why I love Netscape Radio. The flashbacks.

I had this unbridled passion for The Doors in high school. Perhpas obession would better describe it.

I was convinced that Jim Morrison's soul lived in mine, that his ghost lived in my house, that he spoke to me through subliminal messages in his lyrics.

I thought he was a god, a beautiful poet, a talented lyricist, a prophet, a soldier of truth.

And then I grew up and realized he was just as full of shit as the rest of the icons I loved back when I was doing drugs on a daily basis. That mescaline rots your brain, man.

Lost in a Roman...wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane, All the children are insane

When the still sea conspires an armor
And her sullen and aborted
Currents breed tiny monsters
True sailing is dead

I love the friends I have gathered together on this thin raft
We have constructed pyramids in honor of our escaping
This is the land where the Pharaoh died
The Negroes in the forest brightly feathered
They are saying, "Forget the night.
Live with us in forests of azure.

What the hell was I thinking and, more importantly, why I am enjoying this Doors station so much tonight?


Well, how much peyote have you had tonight?

The Doors! I was the coolest mom on the block because I actually saw them live....who knew my...ahem...altered-state youth would serve me so well.

You're obviously headed back to the future...

Who needs The Doors? I thought you had your Foreigner belt...

My first book report ever was on "No One Here Gets Out Alive". I received an "A".

The monk...bought.....lunch. He bought a little. Yes he did.

That can't be cuz he lived in MY soul and his ghost was in MY bedroom.