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do i hear one dollar?

You know, I could do this all night.

My lovely husband is busy working on a project, the kids are out with their father, my sisters are at the Islander game and I have no friends. So it's me and my blog.

I'd like to thank Da Goddess for being the only person amused by my blogging marathon tonight. As a reward, I fixed her place in the blogroll so she always stays above the Acidman, that grouchy old sexy man who is auctioning himself off to the highest bidder/most desperate woman.

It ain't over til it's over.


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I shared some advice with him from my bachelor years. Mostly consisted of "don't do this" and "Fergawdsake, don't do that"

I just visited his site...the latest advice was to offer himself at half.com.

Holy crap, we go to dinner and come back to a zillion posts! ;)

If you don't want to buy me, do I have any offers to fuck for war?

I've fucked you for less, Rob. Did I come back for more?

Michele, I love you! Even from work.

Rob, I'll fuck you for freedom, but I ain't cleaning your house.