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clean teeth for peace!

Damn, I forgot all about the Code Pink rallies today. And here I am all in black.

Silliest anti-war slogan ever, from today's Code Pink rally in D.C.

Either she got this rally mixed up with the Dentists for Disarmament protest down the block or she's a compulsive flosser.

(picture from Indymedia)


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Hmm, in german we write it Irak so we won't have this problem with such a rare letter than the "q" to rhyme. What else fightable with a "aq" at the end comes in your mind? Maybe p÷aque was the best solution?

I could live with fight plaque and Iraq.

Proper dental hygiene is very important these days. Especially if you live where I do, where everyone's teeth are rotting out of their skulls..no joke. But um. Well, frankly, I'd rather be living in a safe country, and travel a safe world than prevent gingivitis. But tha'ts just me.

Thanks for the uncontrollable laughter.

No wonder all the great satirists are liberal. You just can't satirize something like that, it just satirizes itself.