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thought for the day

Posting on Saturdays is a bit like yelling in a soundproof room.


Does that apply to responding to posts on Saturday?

Ohh...a voice! I heard a voice!

I dunno about it being like a soundproof room... I got more comments today than I did two days ago...

Yes, I've noticed it seems like slim pickings on the weekends. Mondays and Tuesdays seems to be the busiest days. Which is odd because most of the time I have to blog and read are on weekends.

So Jason, are you implying that it's me?

I tend to write more posts on the weekend becuase I can't really blog from work. and since I have no life, I'm planted in front to the computer most of the weekend! But there's never many people around who want to come out and play.

michele, surely not! I would guess that, seeing as they don't have to go in to work today, most of your readers are busy with the "Fuck for Freedom" effort. I still get comments, though, because I've failed to inform my readers of their patriotic duty. hangs head in shame

At least it's better than rebuttling foaming leftists on your livejournal-- that's like shouting down a well. A dry well. A dry, plugged well.

I've decided to buck the trend and start posting more on the weekends.

I'm listening.

I just toss grenades your way then leave to have a real life all day...

In fact, here I go again! Bye!!