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what do you want to do tonight, brain?

pb.jpgIt's been pointed out to me by Robyn that my plans to take over the world are moving into high gear.

Of course, I've been doing it all subconciously and I had no idea what my evil plan was until Solonor brought it up.

Apparently I am part of the Axis of Blogger Evil, which consists of me, Dave Barry and Wil Wheaton.

I am Iraq. Dave is North Korea. Wil is Iran.

I think I should be insulted, but I'm not. Dave is good company. Wil, he's like that dictator that sits in the corner by himself at U.N. lunches because none of the other leaders want to admit to liking him.

Anyhow, it all came about because of Blogstreet. My Blogstreet rank is Rank: 23/102619. My BIQ is 17 and I have no idea what that means, except maybe it's some cryptic code for the number of ways I have dreamed up to kill Hans Blix because, coincidentally, I'm up to 17.

Blogstreet uses cute little house icons to show who your blogging neighbors are. I live in quite a diverse community, as I share a street with Misha, Ernie and Robyn, among others. We must throw some intense block parties. Apparently Slashdot is our neighbor as well, but we don't invite those guys to any parties because they never bring snacks; they just dip into everyone else's and then sit around and bitch about the quality.

Ok, after doing some research I discovered that BIQ is Blog Importance Quotient. 17! If only Andrew Sullivan would link me, my self-importance would skyrocket to such levels that I may actually leave the house once in a while.

So what does this all mean? Not much in the long run - I'll still have to go to work in the morning, even if I get to number on one Blogstreet some day - but I will say this about myself: I believe I have the most eclectic list of people linking back to me. I'm proud of that.

Of course, there is that little matter of the Blogrolling.com top 100, where I have once again passed by Mr. Pirillo (he of the billboard chest) and I am about to catch up to the Queen of Links and my Blogstreet neighbor, Robyn.

This is one mission I take seriously - to keep either of my Axis of Blogging Evil cohorts (Dave and Wil) from taking over the top spot because celebrities and famous people just shouldn't be allowed to win.

Now, I don't know whether I would be Pinky or Brain in this scenario, but I'm willing to take on a partner for taking over the world. Just leave your credentials.

This has been my gratuitious self-congratulatory post of the month. We now resume our regular understanding that my importance to the world at large is pretty much summed up in one word: none.

[closing music] We're Pinky, we're Pinky and the Brain..Brain..Brain...Brain...[/closing music]


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Co-incidently I had a conversation just the other night with my wife (don't ask!) about P&tB. I put forth the arguement that
1) in the theme song "...one is a genius, the other insane{sic})
2)they are listed as PINKY and the BRAIN
3)Anyone trying to take over or rule the world is insane...
4)multiply that by a thousaND FOR A LABRAT
5)foiling said plots and remaing friend and confidant of the instigator is true grnius
6)nightly coming up with new and outlandish schemes to rule the world is not only obsseive-compulsive,but border-line psycosis.
THEREFORE:Pinky is the genius,albeit apparently handicapped by the evils of science
and the Brain is insane.
Just thought you'd like to know.

Oh, you just wait. I'm blowing the lid off this conspiracy, baby. I'm just a little slow this morning. There's coffee to drink and Bugs Bunny to watch, ya know.

It's like that neighbor they interview on the news, "But she always seemed like such a nice, quiet person..." Then boom! There goes a year's worth of Blogrolling status overnight. ;-p

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