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never again

Last night, I tried to watch Ted Rall's second appearance on the Bill Maher show.

I am never watching that crap again. I don't care if Elvis himself comes back from the dead and sits right between Maher and some other blithering idiot. Not even the off-chance that I might find something to blog about is worth poisoning my eyes and ears like that.

The show is not funny. Maher looks like someone in the fifth stages of a four-stage disease. Apparently whatever rare, color-draining brain cell-killing sickness has taken over his body has also attacked his sense of humor, as nothing on that show was even remotely funny.

The one thing that would save this show would be for Dennis Miller to come running out onto the set and start pounding Maher in the head with a folding chair, screaming "Give me my time slot back you unfunny bitch!"

I need to watch at least three episodes of Kids in the Hall to get back the sense of humor that Rall, aka The Humor Vampire, drained from me last night.


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Frankly, it's been some time since I found Maher funny. And it's not just his politics. I still find George Carlin hysterical and he's well to the left of Maher.

Thankfully, I don't have HBO, so I can't even be tempted to try.

It has struck me in the past that Maher has gottn bitter and angry, and while a little edge helps humor, too much and you become Bill Press--and who wants to watch that?

Although speaking of Bill Press, I was channel surfing last night and saw that Press and Buchanan were in Donahue's old time slot. While I don't think they are the permanent replacements (geez, I hope not), I had to think: how sad is it for Phil that the net chose to put P&B on instead of him, even for one night....

I saw the Rallís first appearance on Maherís show. Rall was bad (no surprises there) but Maher was worse Ė he was just nasty, insulting the audience, taking on a 'don't bother me, I'm bitter' attitude. If people are watching him, theyíre probably gawking at this slow-motion car wreck of a show. Itíll probably follow in Donahue's tracks...

Well said James.

I've watched all three weeks in a row because I'm sitting there like an idiot waiting for the Ali G show which happens to be fantastic.

Maher himself is a lightweight. Either that, or he is simply dishonest. He started the show off yesterday basically saying that Blix provided proof that Saddam is complying with 1441. Well, that is very far from the truth even based on what Blix himself said.

Then Maher got schooled by that woman he had on. maher was actually suggesting that the theory of MAD would work with terrorists or rogue Muslim states as it did with the Russians during the Cold War. He actually suggested that the President should issue a warning to rogue dickless assholes liek Saddam that if someone nukes NYC and we find out who sold the nukes to the attackers we'll nuke back!!!!! Well bravo Bill. What a moron.

When questioned about how he would trace the nukes back to Pakistan, NK, Iran, or even any of the 5 former Soviet states that have nukes he actually had the balls to say "well i've actually looked into this and have the answers but we ran out of time".

His show is nothing more than a Bush bashing platform. They do it with complete ignorance. They even made Annorexic Coulter come across like a quasi intelligent person two weeks ago.

The show sucks and I hope HBO ditches him.

And Ted Rall needs to get his ass kicked by someone. Classic example of a dork with too much liberty. He thinks he knows it all but he just uses old and worn out ignorant propaganda like Bush is thirsty for blood, looking for the second coming of Christ, went AWOl etc etc. weak stuff.

I'm not gonna watch the show anymore.

Although I do have to say that the Marijuana Monologue they had on was simple brilliant.

There's this guy I work with who loves Maher, and says he's a "really very smart, well-informed guy." Oh, gosh, if only...

Have you ever noticed that you simply cannot have conversations about things like this with people, and point stuff out to them, and not have them just think you're a know-it-all? It depresses me.

I was very disappointed when HBO canceled Dennis Miller in favor of Bill Maher-tyr. We need to get Dennis back on the air, mabye MSNBC or Fox could offer him a weekend show.

For a comedian, Maher has barely any sense of humor. He has cynicism and angst down pat, but I'm of the opinion that they're the rhetorical equivalent of kicking a cat. It takes no talent, and therefore you get ZERO points for it.

I gave him a smackdown here (http://www.moronwatch.com/blog/archives/000562.html#000562) but he has yet to go away. ;-(

"Frankly, it's been some time since I found Maher funny"

Was he ever funny? The first time I ever saw him, I didn't think so. I actually had some hopes for Politically Incorrect when I first heard of it, but those hopes were dashed very quickly.