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boobies for freedom!

Leave it to madman to finally find a way to make the boobs for the troops idea work.

The Madman: A True Patriot

After a little thought on the subject of generating more cash for Operation Trooptrax, I came up with an idea. For every verifiable set of bloggerette boobs posted as a comment here or mailed to madman, he will donate another ten bucks to Operation Trooptrax. Now if Da Goddess decides to send me forty fine boobage shots I will not donate another four hundred bucks. I'd probably pass out from excitement. But I will donate the ten bucks and lick link her profusely. I'll even give a lot of "linky love" to every participant in Madman's Patriotic Parade of Boobage.

For those of you that think this is just a scam to get the blogrrls to "show us your tits", I want you to know that madman does indeed hope to see a lot of blog boobage. However I am dead serious- I'll make the donations up to a cap of five hundred dollars. That should buy a lot of CDs for Sarge and his boys when they get their movement orders. And to top it off, Madman will make the donation in YOUR name to Operation Trooptrax.

Give it a shot ladies! What the hell? The no war crowd goes naked- all madman asks for is a little boobage. For the shy ones I'll even accept low cut bra shots, but please no bikini shots- after all madman has a reputation to maintain.

This ties in nicely with the Fuck For Freedom meme that's sweeping the blogosphere. Go for it, ladies! Show how patriotic you are and send the man your boobs!


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I'm working on getting those shots for him as I type....Anything in the name of patriotism!


Maybe Blogs Of War (http://www.blogsofwar.com/) has the item of clothing to tie everything together?

Thanks Michele. Madman's Parade of Patriotic Boobage got it's first marcher not too long after you posted this.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...All this talk about boobies for bombs and I've seen ONE pair so far! All talk, like the French!


Official Member "Axis of Weenies"

Oh yeah....another thing! I don't like the "hands in the way" cheating either!

"Boobies for bombs" should also equate to "Nipples for Nukes" and "Areola for A-bombs"

Of course, I should just shut up unless I'm going to supply support to the "Dicks for Daisy Cutters" campaign....

man this is a great idea...i wanna see some boobies too!!! Maybe i'll do a fund raiser like this hehe! WOOHOO TITS!! YEAH!!!!!!!!