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double profanity night

Asparagirl has made quite a commotion with her Lysistrata Project post. She was quoted in Best of the Web today (a dream for us mere mortals) and linked on Instapundit - twice!

In keeping with the theme of Asparagirl's post, here is an image from Stacy - use it wisely -


Use it often.


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Yes!! A protest I can actually enjoy! ;) Don't know about it? Well, Asp brought up this (humerous) point [Read More]


Speaking of Freedom... I have books to mail to you to mail on with TroopTrax stuff. But I need an address...

Man, just read Asparagirl's post. It was chilling. I'd comment there, but there were already like 75 posts ahead.

I'm trying desperately to get my wife on the FFF campaign, but again, a 6 month old can reeeeealy put a damper on things.

I may just have to risk infecting my sweetie with my snot cooties in the name of freedom.

Button added to my page.....and I'll be doing my part for freedom tonight. And tomorrow. Oh, who am I kidding? I'll be doing my part for my country ALLLLLL weekend....

Aw, shucks. [blushes, fidgets] This is getting embarassing.

I did see that image from Sekimori and have been meaning to post it, and some of the e-mail I got about the piece, in a follow-up blog post. Maybe when I get a free minute at lunch time...

Here's more from women convinced women are the "peacemakers." Michele, this should piss you off more than most because Shocked clearly spells her name incorrectly:

Scroll down a few items.

"We don't want to negotiate from strength. We have to negotiate from a sense of mediation."

I believe she meant medication.

Excellence! Now I don't have to make a graphic! lol :)

yeah asparagirl
kicks ass
i love that chick