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fun with protesters

You make the call:

This young man:

photo by fred askew taken from indymedia.com

A) Is a pimp promoting his business
B) Is obviously making an anti-gay statement
C) Needed a stark reminder by his girlfriend which way to enter

Baby, it's cold outside!

photo by fred askew taken from indymedia.com


I would have to vote for B.

He's not dressed well enough to be a pimp and with a haircut like that his "girlfriend" is most likely at the end of his wrist.

I say "C"...he needs a reminder in case he ever finds a girlfriend.

I think he was just trying to score points and get lucky, because he thinks all the anti-war females (who are usually bra-less - not that there's anything wrong with that) would perceive him as both anti-war AND a "rebel"...

If he really wanted to disassociate himself from society, he should have gotten it tattooed on his forehead... I know a few Marines who would love to take care of that for him... :-)

Well, at least he's honest. It's not about peace, or being "anti-war" or any of that crap. They just don't like Dubya. Did these people make a peep when Clinton was bombing a different 3rd world nation every week?

Those are nice, but you see pokier nipples on t.v.any night of the week. I swear the networks are gonna put someone's eye out some night soon.

I think he's an accountant.

That guy looks like me. Man, that's freaky. Well, now I would know what I'd look like with a mohawk.

You know, he ought to have tattoed that sentiment to show his real commitment instead of fucking up a perfectly good haircut and looking like a dork.

D. Expressing an honest opinion

I know its crazy.

"I would like to have sexual ongress with the current President of the United States" is a way to express an honest opinion on the war in Iraq? What are they putting in your water down there, folks?

Uh-huh. Clearly well-though out and worthy of our respect. No peer respect sought here, no sir. It's all about thinking, that much is obvious. I mean, look: the honest opinion is right over his brain.

Wow. You are really grasping at straws here. Making fun of "punk" haircuts and BARELY visible nipples.

Um...yeah. Woo.

Where did I make fun of his haircut?

I think this country has lost its sense of humor.

Didn't you hear that Humor is being held in Guatanamo? ;p

You can't be humorous about the Peace Protesters™! Why, that's just like smacking a baby! A whiny, crying baby that won't stop putting its sticky hands all over everything.