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short takes

Still here, still busy.

Looking forward to Bush's speech tonight.

Still trying to get Achy Break Heart out of my head.

It's my own damn fault.

Much blogging later.

Homemade chili now.

Pull my finger.





Desperate Dems are ready to go nuclear - and seek the IMPEACHMENT of President George W. Bush!

In his article, "Impeaching Bush," in the March 6, 2003, edition of National Review Online, David Enrich details how impeachment resolutions are being actively prepared and circulated by hard-left Dems - like Representative Danny K. Davis, of the 7th District of Illinois (Chicago area).

Um, on exactly what grounds would this impeachment be? I don't recall reading anything about Bush abusing authority, boinking interns, committing perjury, stealing FBI files, taking bribes, or selling off government property to friends for cheap.

Oh wait, I forgot, those are officially no longer offenses.