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i've got a heart on

And it's beating just for you.

Am I the only one who was completely hypnotized by this?


Its telling me to kill small rodents... crush them with my boots. Plus... it's kinda making my own heart beat faster... and faster and faster! and Faster! and FASTER!! Eurk!

Oh cool! You can affect how fast it goes by moving the mouse around. I heart stuff like this...

Gak. You might want to warn people not to look at it if they're eating.

Bleah. Sometimes breakfast and browsing don't go together.

OK. No warped sense of entertainment here. (someone please... slowly remove those scissors from michelle's hands)

Cool...1022 Beats Per Minute...it's like that time I was addicted to Water Joe :-)

Ack, scratch that...1937 BPM...Good God, I just exploded!

I spent quite a bit of time seeing how fast I could get it going. I was really hoping that if I hit a high enough speed it would explode all over my screen. No luck.

Heh! I did the same thing, Kyle. I got up to 2008 bpm, too.

Well, at least I wasn't the only one that tried that.