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the murdering terrorists strike again

Someone on another blog - and forgive me for not remember where I read it - commented on how quite itís been in Israel as far as suicide bombers go.

And now this. It never stays quiet for long.

One on hand, you have Israel going into neighborhoods actively seeking out terrorists and murderers, destroying their homes and few of the terrorists themselves in the process.

And here you have Palestinians and their terrorist organizations going into neighborhoods and actively seeking out innocent civilians to kill in the name of their cause.

So I ask you, all those who walk around with signs proclaiming Israel and its citizens as the devil and his minions, which one of the above is callous and cold-blooded? Which scenario depicts murdering scum hell bent on causing as much pain and suffering as possible? Which action takes the lives of children on purpose?

Which is an act of war and defense and which is an act of depraved inhumanity?


Of course you're right. Its just awful. There is no posssible justification for the violence. For the most part the victims on both sides are the mothers and children who spend their days and nights struggling to feed and protect their families. Its wrong, but hardly surprising from either perspective

Good luck. You'll never convince someone who believes Israel is at the root of the problem.

Sad to say, I was the one who spoke to soon.

Just when I have an inkling of a shred of an iota of hope that the Palestinians can learn about and achieve peace, something happens.

My mistake. Won't happen again.

I'm still waiting to hear from my friend, who lives in Kiriat Bialik, a suburb just a couple miles outside of downtown Haifa. Praying that he and his family have stayed out of harm's way yet again.

Yes, you are right - this murdering of civilians is the worst one can do. But also I think you jumped too short with your explanation (does that translate nto english? It means, you didn't see the full thing, just a part of it). As I stated several times before, it isn't that easy to point with the finger at the palestinensians and scream "Guilty". One has to have a real close look to the complete history of Israel and Palestine to see, that they are really in a "Deadly Hug", and acting like a perverted Ying and Yang. I have no idea, what must happen to get peace in there besides killing the one or the other side. I feel so much with all the mothers and wifes who lost their loved ones on both sides.

Israel apparently manages to stop 17 attempts for every one of these that gets through -- part of the reason it seems to have been quiet lately.

this is a "cycle of violence myth" that doesn't make sense given the apartheid set-up backed by US money (to the tune of 4 billion dollars). nor does it make sense that palestinians are kept under 24 hour curfews lasting upwards of 100 days, that means they cannot leave their house, or that they are barred for the most part from simple human rights like education, due to these curfews.

also, there were alternate choices for the sovereign state of isreal given; one being argentina, i believe. THAT would have changed the political map, to say the least.

and as far as i know, up until 100 years ago, muslim and jews lived side by side without any problems.

an entire people has been displaced, and are treated as subhuman.

the question of "why do they hate us?" is beyond irresponsible.

having said that, hey michelle what's up? rock!

muslim and jews lived side by side without any problems.

in that region, i mean.


Had, statistically, the majority of Israeli victims are "mothers and children". The majority of Palestinian victims are armed young men. (Not to say that there aren't Palestinian "mother and children" victims, just that they aren't the majority.)


I know this may sound awful, but it would work.
Every time the (so called) palestinians bomb something and kill innocent people, Israel should send a bomb into a random location in (so called) palestine.
For every bomb (or terrorist) after that, Israel should increase the number of their bombs by one. (1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 and so on).
The (so called) palestinians would get a firm understanding of the meaning of terror. And they would stop, if there were any left.
A little overboard maybe, but I bet it would work.

Killing civilians, whether by bombs, tanks, or guns, no matter their color or creed, is still murder. Looking to one side or another as "right" is foolish, and is unfortunately the mentality that has allowed this tragedy to continue for as long as it has.

Which is an act of war and which is depraved inhumanity?

A rose, by any other name....

Jennie: The Palestinians brought it on themselves, and have no one but themselves (and their Arab brothers) to blame. "When they learn to love their children more than they hate Jews", as Golda Meir said.

Evilboy, if you can't tell the difference between accidently killing civilians and specifically targetting civilians, you need to be in a program.

The US, whose funding ideology should favor a 2 state solution and self-government, instead increases the tension by providing arms and money to Israel.

Watcha neams iut

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