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stay hungry*

So, if we restorted to having sex for war in retaliation for the no-sex/no-war effort, what do we do about the Pope wanting us to fast for peace?

I'll do my part for the pro-liberation movement by having Donuts for Deployment.

Now, all we need is a lefty movement called Stay Sober for Saddam and the rest of can eat, drink and fuck all day and night and call it a worthy endeavor in the name of war.



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Who would have thunk that counter-protesting could be so much fun?

Ok, I could've gone all day without that picture...

My eyes! My eyes!

My Protest? It's Ash Wednesday and the Pope's Fast Day...

Breakfast: Anything, with lots of bacon on the side. Then some snacks. Lunch: I'm thinking about a nice, juicy hamburger. Then more snacks. Dinner: Chicken's on the menu. Midnight snack: Toast, with more bacon.

Stick that in your pointy hat.

MMMMMMMMM!!!! Donuts!!!!!AAAAAWWWWWGGG!!!!! DOH!!!!!

How about "Impotent for Iraq"? I can see that being a popular placard.

Any chance of "No reefer for peace."
That should bring the Netherlands onside PDQ.
"War! What is it good for.."
A damn good party, by the looks of things.