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Make Love And War!

Continuing with my string of posts in which I avoid talking about the crushing feeling of doom that has come over me tonight, I am going to take Asparagirl's advice and:

Fuck For Freedom!

Personally, I plan on dedicating tonight's hot-and-heavy boink with my fiance to the Lysistrata Project chicks. Who says political protest should only be defined by denial and inaction? And why not have more fun than the peacenik gals at their own inane game?

Withholding sex for peace? I don't know about you, but if I go without sex for too long I turn into one cranky bitch.

I'm going to do my part for the pro-liberation of Iraq movement tonight. I'm going to ride my husband until we both pass out from exhaustion. And then I'll wake him up later on and do it again. And maybe, just for kicks, I'll scream out Tony Blair's name at the end.

Or maybe Tim Blair


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My wife sounds like Slim Pickens ridin' that H-bomb........

Imperial Falconer

Good Gawd Almighty!

Excuse me, I must be going. I have a date with my wife and she is going to put my spine out of place for freedom.

Sounds kind of like the bomb shelter scene from "Grease 2"!

Unfortunately I am currently not in any sort of relationship where sex is available. However, I am willing to do it for freedom. Any takers?

Inscrutable, for all you single folks out there, I think it's time to create a new movement - the Jerk for Justice. If you can't score one for freedom with another, score one for justice by yourself. (I am so please with myself, I could pop)

I was I could "Fuck for Freedom" but my girlfriend is a Democrat :(

Oh well...maybe I could just "think" about freedom while we do it.

She could pick a cause too. Pick a cause (and I apologize in advance for these): Pork for Peace, Orgasms for the New World Order, Do It for Diplomacy, Bumpin' Uglies for the UN, Copulating for Corporate Responsibility, Fornication for Fundamentalism (ok, maybe not the democrats), or Inflagrante Delicto for Inspections.

Bush for Bush

hey, it works. cause one way or another, under this administration, everyone is getting fucked.

...Sodomy for Saddam.

Thanks BillH,for restarting "Cool Rider" in my brain.Really,thanks.Kill me now.

Banging for Bombing Baghdad...

Um, you're going to post pics, right?

Lick for Liberty?

Hey, we're trying for a baby anyway. If conception happens around invasion time, we'll have a "freedom baby" on our hands...

i can't believe i just read a comment with a grease 2 reference.

ever wonder what the hell michelle pfieffer was doing trying to pass her self off as a HS student? i think she was 40 there.

and mbruce, i was ok with grease 2 until you mentioned cool rider. i'm gonna have to blast some metalica for at least an hour to remove that from my brain.

I [heart] Grease 2. It's a shining example of the "so bad it's good" film. Plus, it makes for some great earworms:

Who's that guy?"


"We're gonna sco-oo-oore tonight"

But forget about Rock-a-Hula Luau. That's just depraved.

(Yes, I own the CD.)

Any men (or hell, women -- I don't care!) who are having sex withheld from them, e-mail me, damn it! "Let's Do it For Our Country" !!! ;)

It's your patriotic duty, dawn...

Sex? Sex? I remember it, vaguely... something about "fish" and "bicycles"... or was that the Jamie Lee Curtis movie?

Fucking Alzheimer's...

I'm married with a 6 month old. Anyone care to refresh my memory about this sex thing?