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the truth laid bare?

The Blogging EcoSystem is back.

So, based on your observations of the list, can you explain why the links list of politics/news-heavy bloggers is so male oriented?

Is it because
a) there are more male political bloggers
b) there is a subtle bias against females when it comes to reading blogs about news and politcs or
c) I am totally reading too much into the list and I should just go in the kitchen and make you some pie?

UPDATE: Fine, here's your damn pie:

Ok, I stole the pie from Gretchen. I don't bake.


Actually, I think that women, while a minority in the weblog world, actually have an advantage when it comes to generating traffic.

Also, pie would be nice.

The only sites I read concerning politics are yours and Dawn's and whatever you guys link to.

Can you make mine Apple? :-)

Pie please.

And lots of it!

Because there are less women interested in politics with leads to less female bloggers, and thus -- a far smaller number of interesting blogs run by women.

Dammit, Michele...you're supposed to be making COOKIES, not pie...dammit. Did you learn nothing from Hillary...?

Having said that...make mine apple.

Dosen;t anyone make pasta anymore?

Actually, I think the guys nailed it. Most women are too busy doing stuff around the house to be able to devote time to a true warblog. Plus, I don't know too many of us who would want to put up with all the shit you get because of it.

Yes, David. I learned it takes a village to raise a child, but it only takes one morally bankrupt president to turn that child into a cum-stain wearing whore.

Most of my favorite bloggers, the ones at the top of my Blogger-Jogger™ are females.

Am I a chauvanists?

Oh, and are you making coffee?

Imperial Falconer

As near as I can tell, while most warblogs/newsblogs are run by men, more weblogs total are run by women.

I just looked at 50 random blogs and I came up with 19 male webloggers to 31 female webloggers. I made a similar survey about a year ago and came up with similar results.

I have a slow enough connection that before your picture of "a damn fine pie" loaded I had time to expect a different kind of pie. Been reading about "Fuck For Freedom" and "putting panties under your pillow so the cunnilingus fairy comes" after all.

Enjoy your pie!

Hey! Nobody usurps my pie and gets away with it!!

That's it. I need boobies in exchange for pie. ahem taps foot

I think the ecosystem may be unfairly skewed to professional bloggers. I havent visited all the sites, but I'd imagine that alot of the top ranks either do this for a living like Sullivan, or work from home, which lets them post and edit much more than a typical blogger who posts on his or her spare time.

As a tadpole at the bottom of the latest Blog Circle Jerk, I can say who cares? Look at your stats, and look at what you do....ie, TroopTrax, which I can tell you has touched the lives and pocketbooks of people who don't blog or comment on blogs, but have opinions and kids in Saudi and heard about it through nonblog sources....and say, YES. I matter. And I touch folks.

What else is important?

Well, okay....how do we get Gretchen to bake for us all?

Make mine poon-tang pie (shamelessly stolen from The Rock). :)

Been there, done that, didn't get the t-shirt but pissed a lot of people off.

Which is not to say I'm not willing to revisit the issue.

John, they're of no interest to you, perhaps, but to say that a blog is uninteresting because it isn't a warblog is the height of arrogance. Which I'm sure wasn't what you were going for.

In fact, to make the argument that women aren't interested in politics is on a par with insisting that all women should be anti-war due to their gender. Opposition of which is a meme that is currently sweeping the warblogs, is it not?

Somebody's prejudices are showing....

Four words: Not Enough Breasteses Pics.

Yeah, I know, I'm a sexist yadda yadda yadda.

The Mrs. has been out of town all week, and it's starting to get weird around here...