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today is bitchslap ted rall's fans day!

Yea, Iíve been trying to not blog during work hours, but when you get back from a lunch that included a pitcher of margaritas and see a couple of comments on an old Ted Rall post that makes your skin crawl, well...thereís no holding me back.

So howdy to Cody of I.P. address

First, Cody says:

The truth is that more than half the people on this page haven't the slightest clue as to what is going on in this country, or the world for that matter. Watching CNN for two minutes just doesn't cut it. Ted Rall is an amazing jounalist, and social commentator. You can only wish to be as smart and as informed as him.

Amazing journalist, eh? Hey, anyone can say "George Bush stole the election" 350 times a year. I can even draw some stick figures and have them saying "It's all about the oil!" That would hardly make me an amazing journalist and social commentator.

Smart and informed? Rall sees things in one shade only. It's hard to be smart and informed when you refuse to see more than your own thin point of view. Forget CNN. Rall reads some Chomsky and Fisk, maybe goes to Indymedia a couple of times a week and then shits out some lukewarm cartoon about it. For all intents and purposes, he has repeated the same tired lines over and over since September 11, 2001. It's time for a new gimmick.

Ok, I know. We've done this all before. But then dear Cody goes on to say:

Also, to anyone referring to "those that died" on this page...

First, name two that YOU KNEW PERSONALLY. Then, name two significant dates in two significant wars. Honor system, off the top of your head. Then, just for kicks, name the capitals of any three Arab nations.


I didn't think so.

First: Pete Ganci

Oh, look here, five more.

And another.

This is besides the fact that I question your implication that you could only be pissed about all the "people who died" if you actually knew one of them.

As for your little pop quiz, Cody, I'll tell you what. I can answer all those questions readily. But the main thing is I can name the capital of all 50 states of the United States of America. Can you even name all 50 states? I bet not. You're too busy worrying about the plight of other nations being taken over by the "U.S. Empire" to care about the very land you live on.

So kiss my American ass, you snot-nosed little socialist prick.


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Search results for:
OrgName: First Bank System Inc.
OrgID: FBS-1
Address: 601 2nd Ave S
Address: Minneapolis, MN
Country: US

NetRange: -

Nice of him to have left an e-mail adress. Oh, wait, he's an admitted pussy and didn't bother.

Write me, Cody, you punk ass. Make your pathetic arguments and I'll cut them into little, tiny pieces publicly. You'll only ever be a hangnail on the man that Pete Ganci was.

to anyone referring to "those that died" on this page...First, name two that YOU KNEW PERSONALLY.

Cody, you insolent punk.

This is not just an attack against Our Military,
And it is not just an attack against Our Government,
It is an attack against Our People,
Against Us.

This is an attack against Our Neighbors,
An attack against Our Friends,
An attack against Our Families.

Everyone is touched by this act of War,
None of Us have been spared.
We will all know someone,
Or know of someone,
Who is a Victim of this attack.

We have seen the massacre of thousands of Our People.
We have seen it over and over again.
We will never forget.
We will never forgive.

Those who have chosen to be Our Enemy will be destroyed.
They call for jihad.
We will give them jihad.
America is donning her battle dress,
Her People are going to War.

Odie 9/12

If we follow the logic of this little puke (or d-squared digest) that you can't take offense unless you're personally affect, then....

...what the hell were all those protestors doing two weeks ago? Do they all have relatives in Iraq? I don't think so.

In fact, there are numerous reports that the protestors pointedly excluded Iraqi's who didn't toe the party line.

If you limited protests to people who have a personal stake, the antiwar "movement" wouldn't even be a twitch.

-- Erik

Go Michele!

That last paragraph of his is just GGRRR! So just because I don't personally know a person that died I can't be pissed about it? When people are killed it sucks! Everyone should be pissed about that.

I just have to say... how many dates/names would he like? And how many capitals?

Just because a person disagrees with him doesn't make them stupid! It just means they have arrived at a different end.


I think most of you are reading too far into this guys comments. Instead of automatically bashing him because he doesn't agree with you, maybe you should take the time to look at what he says and translate it into something more meaningful.

For example, I ran his comments through the Liberal-to-Conservative speech translator and I got -

"I am a whiny, ill informed child who needs his mother for comfort and protection. I haven't opened my eyes for fear of seeing facts that might counter my stance. I am afraid of my own shadow and do not masteurbate because I fear I am so unattractive I can't even bring myself to orgasm."

When you view it in that light, it's probably a cry for help! So take it easy on th... ah nevermind. Fuck with him at will....

Folks, it is a sad day when I misspell "masturbate".

Robb, you just used the French spelling.

Michele, you are my hero :-)

Robb, you'll get graded on a curve for spelling. Wait, that didn't come out right. Wait, neither did that. I better stop now...

What is it with these leftist imbeciles who keep saying you have to have been personally acquainted with a Black Tuesday casualty to have the right to be enraged over it? First Daniel Davies, and now this!

Does it say anything of significance that most of them can't write a coherent sentence? Or am I just being an intellectual elitist?

Once upon a time, Americans all possessed a clear understanding of justice, and a passion for it. It wasn't regarded as anyone's private preserve. It certainly wasn't considered a reserved mudhole where only officially sanctioned victims and their licensed apologists were allowed to wallow. If Cody represents the coming generation, then please, God, may I be safely and cozily dead before he and his coevals get their mittens on the levers of power.

Gotta wonder...how many WW2 vets knew someone that died at Pearl Harbor? Or how many Colonials knew people at Cambridge? Or how many times do I think Cody should kiss my "don't know anybody in New York and don't care to but they died on American soil and that makes them bretheren enough for me to care" ASS!

Let me try to make that clearer. I personally wouldn't care if the planes had been full of Iraqi citizens and the buildings housed the Taliban's American headquarters. The fact is, a group of people reached across the oceans we thought protected us and killed over 5000 people that were doing nothing more than going to work that morning. I'll bet you 4000 of them had never heard the name al-Qaeda in their life. That could have just as easily been me, my family, my house, my work. That makes me care enough to support the effort to go out and nuetralize the next possible threat to my safety. Maybe 5000 people have to die in Minneapolis or maybe the next target has to be the First Bank System Inc building before Cody gets a clue.

Hmmmm... commenting like that from work.... where I work, private use of business resources is a termination offense... and internet access is a business resource... of course we proxy everything and scan the logs... maybe someone should bring his hobby to the attention of his bosses?

So according to this logic, since I personally don't know any slaves, I have to be in favor of slavery?

Imperial Falconer(With Confusion™)

hmmmm im going to minneapolis next fri(14th)....canni give him a visit and give him a ted rall bitch out?

You can only wish to be as smart and as informed as him.

ahem "as he." Idiot.

As far as knowing anyone who died on 9/11, I don't - but I do know that every single one of my colleagues in our NY office watched it unfold from their office, a mere 3 blocks away. I do know that one of them had to seek psychological counseling because everytime he closed his eyes he saw the planes hiting again, and again, and again, and again. For. Days. On. End.

How about you, Cody?

Oh, and Ted Rall's a dickhead.

Oh holy Jeebus. I work across the street from the little weiner. His building and my building are connected by a skyway.

I feel like I need a shower now. Blech.

Keith, tomorrow you should wear a shirt that says "TED RALL SUCKS" and just hang around outside his building.

I'll give you a dollar if you beat him up!

I'll give him TEN just to wear the shirt..............or, how about we all pitch in just one more time and give Keith a days pay to do it all day, just to make sure....

Also following his logic, since I don't know any hookers, I must... well, damn it, I am.

Someone should REALLY set up a Cafe' Press site filled with "Ted Rall SUCKS" merchandise.

I read his article today and need to see that other people realize he's an idiot.

The thing is, Ted Rall writes editorials and is paid to state his opinion. The fact that he has y'all so inflamed over his statements shows that his opinion is interesting and draws people to read it whether they agree with it or not. AKA Ted Rall does his job and he does his job well. If he wrote some mumbo jumbo "down the middle" none of us would even care.
Personally I think he captures the heat politics brings to so many peoples' hearts while throwing in facts and opinions here and there. As a cartoonist he exaggerates to bring humor to subjects otherwise humorless, and frankly quite scary when you think about it. Maybe we should all stop banging our wardrums and take an objective look around...