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it takes so little to amuse me

An out-of-control parent jumped onto the ice at his sonís hockey game, knocking both an opposing player and a referee to the ground..

No, Iím not going to go off on insane parents who take their kidsí games too seriously. I just wanted to quote this sentence:

The man then fled the scene, pursued by a league official and a zamboni driver..

Vroom vroooomm.....


Ah, the Zamboni driver. What a great job! Do you suppose the NHL guys ever, ever go up to the Zamboni driver after a game and say "Great job, there, eh!"? Or, do any of those little girls on skates like Hughes or Cohen ever give the guy a rose for his work?


That line isn't half as good as the one before it:
"We kind of forcibly ejected the spectator out of the rink area, and he kind of somersaulted away,Ē

Great vis here of the Zamboni driver driving after the punk.

So who got to the guy first? The official or the zamboni driver?

I always confuse Zamboni and Zucchini... which one is green again?

That beats Shakespeare's Exeunt, chased by a bear.

We have friends who are way over-the-top hockey fans. HockeyDad coaches, HockeyKids play, and HockeyMom organizes and raises money. So from time-to-time we find our bony butts on cold bleachers in the name of friendship. IMHO-Hockey has two things going against it...cold and sports. G

However, I digress, we love the Zamboni driver at the rink...he's a great guy. HockeyMom organizes a wave everytime the Zamboni lumbers out to groom the ice. It is major funny...in a hockey kinda way.