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two big dicks

Sent to me by TROOPtrax co-conspirator Carol:

Separated at Birth! Ron Jeremy and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.


Carol thought that none of my readers would know who Ron Jeremy is.


UPDATE: The problem with not be able to read blogs during the day is you never know when you're just part of a bigger trend.


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I knew this piece of garbage look familiar!

Ron Jeremy is my hero...
I proves that fat hairy ugly guys can get some too.

Let's not sully Ron Jeremy's name by associating it with murdering fanatics like KSM, who slit Danny Pearl's throat (reportedly).

All those years getting paid to sleep around and Ron Jeremy still becomes a terrorist....err wait maybe it's chronic "brothers with different mothers" syndrome...I wonder what Jenna would say about this.

Well, that's it, then. I want to see Mohammed's penis.

When I first saw his photo, I thought of Ron. I didn't want to say anything for fear of being singled out as a perv.

I noticed the same thing about Enron fiend Ken Lay, but nobody believed me.

ok. who is ron jeremy?

Well, at least Google knew who he was, even if I didn't. But don't go by me: I actually enjoy the reruns on TVLand (you know, when the castaways almost get off the island, and the Munsters can't understand why people run away screaming.)

They just don't write 'em like that anymore!

Re: Inscrutable American

Yep. Especially since Ron Jeremy is Jewish. (That'll really drive the Islamist crazy).

Ron Jeremy hasn't always been a big slob. In his early career boning women on camera, he was much slimmer, and quite nimble. I saw a film in which he could lick the head of his own unit.

Not that he could even see it now.

Hey, I saw that one too!

I think that was the one where he was between two bookcases, or filing cabinets and he....


nevermind. Don't know what you're talking about.

In this one, he was on a bench swing in a yard, or some such thing. Didn't see one with him in the bookshelves. But then if he could do it once, he could do it again.

In WPINK, he could swing his big weasel like a propeller. Kinda like a dirty version of the hula hoop. Wheee!!!

I know way too much about straight porn. But then, when you're closeted, you get straight porn and watch the guys...

I know who Ron Jeremy is, but I have no idea who Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is.

shakes head Kids these days...

"The Hedgehog!"

$%#$% $%#$%$% #$%#$%#$%# -- I just put something like this up 5 minutes ago on RWN and you beat me by 4 hours -- #$$#$%...

I beat Michele by 20 hours, so don't feel bad Hawkins.

And John Cole beat me by four hours

I beat you by about 20 minutes (I am East Coast time- so we essentially did it at the same damn time), but who cares, I think it is hysterical that this many people thought the same thing. I wasn't even going to post it because I thought no one would know who Ron Jeremy is.

As soon as I saw the picture on Fox (I think Rita Cosby was talking), I sat upright and said "Ron Jeremy is a terrorist!"

Son of a bitch. I never noticed it until this moment and I'm not going to see anything else from now on. Maybe now Ron can finally share some body waxing tips with his long lost twin?

If body wax is made from oil, the whole Middle East-hating-America thing just became a lot more clear.

you can be sure they are not related, and not just because ron is jewish.

kalid, like all terrorists, has a small penis.

no man with a unit like ron's is gonna waste his time as a terrorist. he will be too busy getting laid.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! F'in hilarious.

Two big dicks!! Priceless!

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed also looks like a real life version of Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Proving that great minds think alike, I was planning to make the very same post on my page, but I couldn't find a pic of RJ when his hair was short enough. I bow to your superior skills :)

Gosh, Ron Jeremy is Jewish???

I Never noticed that he was circumcised.

Is he really?

I am ashamed that I'm not as observant as I thought.

No turtleneck, hmm. Can't believe I missed that?

(wanders off - blabbering mindlessly...)

I thought he looked like John Belushi

Congrats on a wonderful sight gag. A real coup of journalism.